What Each Sign Does When Drunk

Health! It is worth toast all the good that life has in store for us. But it is also good to drink bitter drinks from time to time. There are glasses that are not forgotten, that when we remember them tears and laughter come to us. Each zodiac sign has a peculiar way of behaving when the glasses are passed a little. There are those who cry, those who dance, those who scream and even those who end up making a fool of themselves. Which one are you?

1.- Aries

Did someone say toast? Aries paints only to enjoy a good night with the people they value. Well … sometimes it doesn’t matter if it’s night or day. The point is that when he goes for drinks his rapturous side takes control, the seriousness takes a back seat and his aggressive part just peeks out. But don’t worry, it’s not like it’s going to hit the first one who gets in the way . Aries may be very drunk, but stay sane. Although he is not silly and if they start teasing you with reckless and hurtful comments, you better be ready for the consequences, because he does not keep quiet. You know what they say out there, drunkards always tell the truth.

2.- Taurus

The truth is that Taurus is one of the signs that knows how to perfectly enjoy a couple of drinks. He has no problems with anyone and his intention is not to seek them out. It’s simple, he wants to hang out, have fun, listen to good jokes and the occasional unknown anecdote. Let’s go! Nobody is hurt by a little gossip. But the main objective of Taurus when he is already drunk is food , get it out of his sight! Flatly sweeps any snack or dessert that comes across on the way. You do not need to drink until you lose your memory, to enjoy, just a few drinks and back home. This is Taurus, he always has priorities that keep him away from sleeplessness.

3.- Gemini

Cheers for the good, the bad, what is coming, what happened! Cheers for everything! Geminis are one of those who enjoy the party in a big way. The truth is that he does not walk with small things, if you have to share drinks until dawn, he does it without fear. It’s the kind of company that once you let your conversation flow, everything you have to say is so interesting that it becomes the life of the party. Also, you don’t need to be close to everyone, your ingenuity makes it easy for you to find a way to connect. Gemini gets a lot of fun, steals your laughter, and really does pass your time in the blink of an eye. Your company leaves a good taste in your mouth.

4.- Cancer

Please do not leave the strongest bottle within the reach of a Cancer, because it is synonymous with the fact that the night is going to get intense and a little more. Let’s say that the moment the drinks take effect, that cluster of problems also appears that have been responsible for forming a lump in the throat. It is a sentimental sign by nature and its tenderness can put your soul by a thread . With Cancer you can sing the most hurt songs and end up hoarse the next morning. The truth is that you enjoy it very much, even if a couple of tears appear. You feel so much empathy that you don’t mind getting to that point.

5.- Leo

A Leo with glasses on top? It is as dangerous as fire. But don’t worry, in a good way, because it becomes the most persuasive sign in this world. Really getting drunk awakens your sensual and provocative personality. That does not mean that it will bind to everything with whom it crosses a word. However, a drunken Leo is one of those who where he puts his eye, puts the bullet and rarely does he get away with it. Leo loves to live unique experiences that break with the conventional and accelerate his heartbeat. A party is perfect to let your imagination run wild regarding relationships. Without a doubt, a kiss from Leo in that state is not forgotten.

6.- Virgo

A minute of silence for all those people who have ended up in the hands of a drunk Virgo. It’s not that it’s that bad, but … Virgo in his five senses does not keep anything and with drinks on top things get worse. He doesn’t really like to drink a lot, because he prefers to be in control all the time . In fact, many times he is the one who just enjoys the show. It’s more fun to see how they end up on the table, lying on the floor, or just crying in the bathroom. However, when Virgo passes the glasses he gets in a very bad mood. Every Virgo has some drunken story in which his tantrum-child soul took over and did what he wanted.

7.- Libra

The perfect point. I’m sorry if someone gets disappointed, but Libra can be anything you want, except for an out-of-control drunk. It’s a fun-loving sign by nature, so it has no problem dancing the night away, singing with all its might, and telling a good story. So far the drinks are not necessary, but … if they are present it is very unusual for him to lose his sanity. Libra has a goal, to really enjoy, meet new people and even have an affair, so he prefers to be more on the sober side. Enjoy the party calmly because you are analyzing every detail around you.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio and a couple of drinks is the same as saying things without mincing words. The truth is that his personality does not change much, but he may be a little less considerate. It is a very emotional sign, so if at the moment you want to shout from the rooftops all the anger, sadness or happiness that invades you, you simply will not think about it. If we add to that that their sensuality increases, the thing becomes more intense, because it is such an irresistible sign that it can make more than one insecure. This is because you end up stealing glances, which you can’t always avoid, but there are envious people who don’t like it.

9.- Sagittarius

If there is someone who has the gift of drinking drinks as if they were water, without a doubt, we are talking about Sagittarius. A sign that the party brings in the pores, it has the fuel to wake up three days in a row, but sometimes they stop by themselves. The truth is that Sagittarius enjoys as if there is no tomorrow, he loves to laugh until his stomach hurts. Dance until you can no longer use your legs. He is one of those who sings at the top of his lungs and does not pout anyone. If you end up upset with someone, it is because that person was bothering you all the time.

10.- Capricorn

If you really want to have a good time, let go of prejudices and just bring out everything that you have inside, then Capricorn is a very good option. His personality steals attention from the first, because it is a very elegant and intelligent sign, no matter how old it is, it does not lose its bearing. At first he gets carried away and does not stop talking, let’s say that everything that is silent is released in one night. However, it is a good way to disconnect from reality. It never hurts to enjoy with good friends until dawn.

11.- Aquarius

Quiet, but fun. This is how Aquarius has a great night of drinking. His personality really remains, somewhat reserved and enjoying with small laughs. He is one of the people who often goes unnoticed because he really does not look for problems with anyone. He’s in his own world enjoying himself, so don’t be surprised if you ask him what he’s laughing at and he doesn’t have an immediate answer. Aquarius is the type of drunk who invites you to another perspective, makes you delve into the depths of your emotions and without realizing it you reflect on a lifetime. The drinks do not take away the wisdom of their advice.

12.- Pisces

A hug to your fantasies, this is how Pisces enjoys a couple of drinks. The truth is that he is quite meticulous when it comes to drinking, he does not want to be singled out for any reason and he puts quite a few locks on his emotions. Although it is impossible for him to hide the tenderness and goodness that is in his heart. However, he has a great time, drunkenness makes him distracted from everything and increases his creativity. It is precisely in those moments that the crazy ideas in your mind knock on the door and you get carried away in an incredible way. He simply does not know the impossible.


What Each Sign Does When Drunk

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