Our daughter Venus will send you into the world, full of confidence. Some people may be a little discouraged by this, but you don’t mind.
Romantically speaking, you will see what you want and go for it! Confidence is paramount during this time, so be sure to spot your own assets and flaunt them. It will work in your favour.


You will find yourself moving sensually through your life, running your fingers over each surface and absorbing the romantic energy of everything and everyone you touch.
While you and your boo will likely be spending more time at home, this can be one of the most romantic moments for you.
Nights of lacing your feelings to your fingers and intertwining them with your partners around rich red wines and deep dark chocolate.


Venus in Gemini is a boost to the ego by showing their minds and knowledge. They will resist the attraction of getting close to someone who will make them feel comfortable and safe and will be more attracted to exciting and dangerous people.
While they flirt and peacock in the city, they are more likely to bond with someone who stimulates conversation. Someone who challenges them and laughs at their jokes.
It is more important for Gemini during this period than for any other sign.


It is a familiar, reliable and solid love. It is the kind of love that is well aged and ripe. It’s the love you can count on, not just the expression, but the person or people to whom your love is linked.
It is showing your love by being reliable and receiving love by allowing you to depend. It is love that is as usual as breathing and just as essential.


It’s time to show your partner and let yourself show. It’s time to post your lover on social networks, surprise him with impressive dates and romance them endlessly.
While it may just be romance for itself, there is plenty of room for something deeper to develop. It may be time to make big moves.
To allow your staging to be planted inside of you and to love more deeply than you thought possible. It’s time to let your love Lion roar within you.


Structured almost mechanically. They will appear every day, and even if they are not big gestures and romance, they are thought through and planned.
He is meaningful and attentive and tailor-made for the people he surrounds. It is the kind of love that can only be for two specific people. Cannot be replicated from one relationship to another.
Some relationships are long-stemmed red roses that spread the aroma of great generic romance and costly consideration.
It will be more like your favourite meal eaten in a strong canopy, overlapping a laugh deeper in your partner.


You will find yourself making compromises that you would not normally make. You will find yourself prioritizing the needs of your partners over yours, and their happiness is the food that feeds you.
This can appear to be needy and desperate, and even an opportunity for those who like manipulation. Make sure you are in a relationship that is at least trying to give as much as you need to.


You will have the opportunity to really focus on your partner and make them feel that they are the only person watching.
You will breathe them in yourself with long gasps of despair, and in return, you will only expel devotion. You will want to wrap your lover in a blanket made of promises, and in return, they will count on that blanket to keep warm.


It is a period of growth. They need someone who will grow independently of them, while staying by their side.
Think like a tree. Trees can grow alone or near other trees as long as the roots of other trees do not interfere with their ability to absorb nutrients. It is a bit like a Sagittarius can experience love in Venus.
Two independent beings, developing independently together. They take no nutrients that the other cannot afford to give. They will improve together.


There will not be much spontaneity. Capricorns will have a clear picture of how they want to represent themselves and work hard to appear to be everything they think is a good lover.
It may be their working personality, or their prowess or their attention, but whatever they want their lover to see in them, they will work hard to bring it to the fore.


will be free-spirited and open-minded. You will find yourself in unconventional relationships, talking about energy and exploring.
These relationships will seem more earthy and experimental than others. The people of Venus in Aquarius can seem provocative if you are not used to their way of thinking.


They are original and romantic. You will find yourself in a kind of romance by Emily Dickinson, reading poetry and playing songs on top of each other on the pianoforte.
Your relationship will be affectionate and unpredictable and full of old-fashioned romance.



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