When Saturn is in Aries in your natal chart, you will find that you took on many responsibilities early in your life, usually as a child. You’re plagued with anxieties, anger issues, and worries, but you try to seem like nothing’s bothering you in life. But you suffer from feeling inferior.


When Saturn is in Taurus in your natal chart, you really need guarantees in life. You are very frugal with your money because you yearn for financial stability. You need to stay patient, work hard, and lead a disciplined life so you can feel stable.


When Saturn is in Gemini when you are born, you are very creative and adaptable in life. You keep good control over your life and you overcome every obstacle that comes your way in such a way that you don’t let it get to you. You are strong.


When Saturn is in Cancer in your natal chart, it means that you will try to close yourself off from the world, emotionally and physically. You want to hide away and focus on your family whom you love and care about very much.


When Saturn is in Leo in your natal chart, you crave attention, recognition, and fame. You are rigorous and you like discipline. You have to remember to keep a cool head and your feet on the ground because you don’t want to be the person you could be.


When Saturn is in Virgo in your natal chart, you are very practical. You concentrate very deeply and you are serious. You may even find that you worry about even the smallest things in life and plan meticulously, striving for perfection.


When Saturn is in Libra in your natal chart, you are committed to finding justice in life. You are cooperative and enjoy working with others. You will find that you need a lot of hard work and commitment to make relationships work, but you need a social life to be successful in life.


When Saturn is in Scorpio in your natal chart, you may be feeling a bit impatient and intense. You may even find that you take your responsibilities too seriously and bite off more than you can chew, but you succeed through your own determination and willpower.


When Saturn is in Sagittarius in your natal chart, you will be very interested in philosophy and religion. You want to get a higher and better reputation in the society as well as move up the career ladder, even if you feel some skepticism.


When Saturn is in Capricorn in your natal chart, you are going to find greater emotional intensity and a desire for power and authority. You never back down from your responsibilities and you enjoy your daily life while slowly climbing the ladder.


When Saturn is in Aquarius in your birth chart, you are going to make conservative choices in your life. You will find that your concentration is stronger, but also pessimistic.
You will find that these feelings will often collide. But you much prefer to stay out of anything that happens because you’d rather not be a part of anything.


When Saturn is in Pisces in your natal chart, you are going to be very sensitive and vulnerable. You must learn to channel your sensitivity so that it does not overwhelm you, while remaining compassionate and kind to those you love.


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