Are you waiting for a happy event? Are you young parents? Find out more about the character of your (future) baby thanks to astrology! And yes, a baby Gemini does not have the same sensibilities and abilities as a baby fish! By looking at the personality of your infant, you will have more ease to understand it … So, what reveals the astrological sign of your baby?


1. The baby Aries:

The baby Aries is one of the most awake infants. With exceptional vitality and spontaneity, it is often earlier than average. Patience is not his forte, making him a restless baby! Even if it is not easy, you will be amazed by its speed of learning!

2. The Taurus baby:

Here is a baby of the wisest. Tender and extremely cuddly, the baby Taurus requires only a lot of sweetness. He is not the type to make whims … unless hunger tickles! Indeed, it is a gourmet baby known for his passion for bottle-feeding or breastfeeding!

3. The baby Gemini:

One thing is certain, baby Gemini is one of the most intellectually intelligent infants. He develops an incredible curiosity from an early age. He needs to be constantly stimulated to flourish. It’s a mischievous baby who will amaze you with his abilities …

4. The baby Cancer:

It’s THE baby who wants the most tenderness! Never without his mother, he claims to be cajoled and rocked all day! He is also a big sleeper even if he sometimes has trouble finding serenity in his sleep … Attention to vagaries growing up!

5. The Lion baby:

A baby that makes everyone laugh? It’s the Lion! Barely out of the belly of his mom, this little clown already likes to attract all the attention! To have a Lion baby is to have a little star who likes to be looked at and congratulated, we will have warned you!

6. The Virgin baby:

Sweet and touching, the virgin baby has everything of a little angel! Of a small nature, it gives the impression of being a fragile baby. This is not a big eater so do not panic if he does not finish all his meals! In any case, he needs rigour and hates upheavals!

7. The Balance baby:

From an early age, the baby Balance is a real little charmer! It’s simple, he smiles to everyone! With his naughty airs, he leaves no one indifferent. Very sociable, he likes contact and even develops an emotional dependence! Result? It’s a baby who can not bear loneliness!

8. The Scorpion baby:

In the same way as adult natives, the baby Scorpion is hard to pin down! Indeed, this infant has trouble channelling his energies and can go from laughter to tears in a few seconds. To avoid any excessiveness, you will have to teach him to externalize!

9. The Sagittarius baby:

The happy luron! That’s how to qualify the baby Sagittarius! Always smiling and very sociable, he likes to be surrounded and hates solitude. It is also a resourceful baby who tends to gain autonomy very quickly! Turbulent baby Sagittarius? Just barely …

10. The baby Capricorn:

Calm and relatively discreet, baby Capricorn is not an infant that is often heard. He is an autodidact who learns very quickly in his corner. Rather solitary than sociable, he has his little habits and does not like being lugged everywhere!

11. The Aquarius baby:

The baby Aquarius is the rebel of the Zodiac. He knows what he wants and does not want and will make it very clear to you. Growing up, you will discover a part of him who will follow him all his life: his creative soul! So, to pamper him, think of playful and artistic toys!

12. The baby fish:

Here is a baby of the most sensitive! Because he is intuitive, he can feel all your emotions. It’s enough that you have had a bad day so that he, too, is in a bad mood! Anyway, it’s a baby who can not bear being away from his parents …


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