Who says change of year, said change of figure in numerology. And 2019 will be the year of 3. Synonymous with dynamism, communication and good energy, the number 3 has many surprises … But it will not be only positive for everyone. Find out more about what’s in store for you in this new year with the 2019 numerical forecasts!


The number 1:

The words “action” and “concrete” are going to be your motive in 2019. This means that all the projects that you have left at half-time in recent times are about to be completed. And to do this, you will do it with determination and responsibility. You will take care to set your goals before you head down. You will leave aside your prejudices and your fears and you will release the brakes to face this new year full of spirit!

The number 2:

For you, the year 2019 will be synonymous with warmth and friendliness. More than ever, you will socialize and meet new people. But beyond your new knowledge, you will especially tighten the bonds that unite you with your friends. And that’s not all, this new year also offers surprises in your relationships … If you are single, you may meet the gem and if you are already in a relationship, it will be more welded than it never was! What happiness …

The number 3:

This is a year that will be marked by luck and good humour. And all you will smile is because the 3 is the figure of the year 2019! In the program? Happiness, happiness and even happiness! In other words, you will radiate and bring all your loved ones in this happy spiral. Your human relations (love or friendship) will not be left out and you will be creative in your work, which will offer you new promising opportunities …

The number 4:

As you warn right away, the year 2019 may not be easy for you. Indeed, you will have to face big changes. Those who can upset your daily life. Moving to the other end of the country or the world, radical change of profession, separation with your spouse … You will have to make the right decisions to take control! The good news? You will emerge stronger from these few months of upheaval. Then good luck!

The number 5:

One thing is certain, the year 2019 will not be easy for you. You will have to face real obstacles in the professional environment and you will have to fight and work hard to overcome them. Prepare to be combative and surround yourself to the best of your ability to make things easier. And it is emotionally that this year will give you a little respite and comfort.

The number 6:

It’s no secret, you’re the indecision specialist. But this year, you are determined to do violence and stop stagnating. Because by dint of asking too many questions, you always end up doing nothing. Never mind, 2019 will give you the courage to get started and listen to your intuitions. Result? You will see that by being more sure of yourself, you will get much better results in all your projects whether personal or professional …

The number 7:

You who are used to always thinking before acting, you will be turned upside down in this new year. Indeed, 2019 is going to dot many unforeseen changes on your way to force you to move forward. The goal? Do not be afraid of the unexpected anymore and venture towards the unknown. Not only, this new philosophy will allow you to feel more alive but moreover, it will open new doors … One word of order: let go!

The number 8:

In 2019, you will bring order to your life. You who usually adopt a relatively lax behaviour, you will dare to raise the tone and claim your opinions. You will feel yourself growing wings and ready to lift mountains to succeed what has always seemed difficult. Another thing, this new year promises to be very promising for your finances. Be careful not to take advantage of it in excess, keep your wisdom to make the right choices.

The number 9:

For you, the year 2019 will be that of tune-ups. You do not know what you want but one thing is certain, you know that you have not blossomed in the last few months and you are going around in circles. So, you are ready to question everything, hoping to find the way to a more euphoric day. Be patient, this situation will not be very pleasant and may take a little time but it is for the good cause!


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