What does Gemini find attractive?

You might think that the Gemini zodiac signs find exterior beauty attractive, but the twins are looking for a person who is beautiful inside and out.

With their ruling planet being Mercury, known as the planet of communication, the twins have just the right tips for thinking quickly in any situation.
A Gemini will always mention his sign or anything related to astrology because we like to talk!
Our conversations will never bother the crowd, however, which is why someone who can stimulate our mind and keep up the pace is most attractive to this air sign.

Because of their presence in the third house – otherwise known as the House of Communication, those born under this sign are gossiping and filled with useful information, which is why they cannot speak.
There is so much to know with so little time!

Once we start to understand who you are and what interests you, we will extract data from our minds and take a bit of your personality to make you feel that we are interested and connected.

Gemini is the first air sign of the element, so they are drawn to a person’s mind.
Gemini is able to move quickly from one person to another, from one scene to another gives us a clear idea of ​​who we are as a zodiac sign.
We love to explore the world and meet new people, effortlessly fluttering in the wind.
With the many personalities and attributes we have, Gemini is always on the lookout for people and places identical to themselves.
Let’s see what things could attract a Gemini to become a part of your world.
Here is what Gemini finds most attractive:
Gemini is attracted by personality.
Gemini likes witty and fun people.
If you’re wondering if Gemini is the kind of friend who’ll just go to the same restaurant every weekend, you’re absolutely wrong.
We are the kind of people who are fueled by fun and exhilarating activities with people who know how to have fun! This does not necessarily mean that we want to jump from an aeroplane every once in a while, but Gemini knows there is much more in life than what they are currently experiencing.
Because of our sarcastic nature, we love being with people who can channel the same sense of humor and sarcasm, this makes conversations easier to bear!
Gemini is attracted to your way of thinking.
Gemini is impressed by the intellect.
You don’t have to be a crazy mathematician or scientist to join the Gemini group.
As much as we like to share information with everyone, we also like to learn new things.
Whether it’s a new cooking recipe or even your latest alien conspiracy theory, Gemini is a sucker for knowing all the hot topics!
However, not all conversations should be a light debate.
We like being able to sit down with people who are able to follow serious issues like social issues and political debates.
Instead of demolishing yourself for your beliefs, a Gemini will try to understand each end of the spectrum.
Gemini is most attracted to people who are evolving.
Gemini love conversations about astrology.
I must admit that before I knew as much as I did about astrology, I did not really explore the complex subject.
As soon as I determined my exact time of birth, I immediately searched for my birth chart and began to dissect each section.
The results were perfect for who I am as a person, and now I can’t stop sharing the news!
If you ever want to see a Gemini’s eyes light up, tell them about your sign and read your birth chart to them.
It’s a fun and interesting way to get to know the people in your life as well as someone you just met at the bar.
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