What Does A Man Do When He No Longer Wants Anything With You According To His Sign

The sudden distance is so cruel that you feel your soul eat away at you. It is synonymous with facing a lot of doubts, does he no longer love you? His kisses become scarce, his cold caresses and hugs we don’t even speak. A barrier that robs you of entire nights, tears and awakens your insecurities. But what does a man do when he no longer wants anything with you according to his sign? 


When Aries loves you are always at the bottom of the barrel, you want your partner to feel comfortable in every way. However, when you start to distance yourself, you have to ask yourself if everything is okay. Aries begins to move away little by little, he stops attending events, he sees you fewer days and he starts to get bored. Aries is impulsive, always with enthusiasm ahead, but if it has become routine it is because it no longer feels the same motivation and it may be time to turn the page.


Here you have to be quite meticulous when analyzing Taurus, because he does not always put distance because he no longer wants anything, it is only that there are times when he moves away to be with himself, a way to reflect and regain energy. He is not one of those who like sudden changes and to leave someone he has to be really sure, when he decides to finish there is no going back, he is just taking the time to say it in the best way. He is sincere above all.


What does a man do when he no longer wants anything with you according to his sign? The Gemini man is the one who melts for the fun, he is the extrovert who captivates you by his liberating way of seeing life. However, when you start to feel tied in the relationship, you simply put distance. Gemini changes the dynamics, becomes more conformist when choosing a place to go out, and it does not matter to him and does not intend to take the initiative, on the contrary, he is overwhelmed. You can even get very negative, short-tempered and just looking at a way out of the relationship.


Cancer is the man who bets on love, the one who gives everything, the one who is not afraid of commitment and shares his vulnerable side. For some, too sweet, that’s where you realize that it is no longer the same, because you leave out the details, you are no longer interested and the distance is more than evident . Cancer does not know how to deal with breakups because he experiences contradictory emotions that make him doubt everything, but his way of being gives it away. It seems that he is waiting for you to take the first step.


Leo is the man eager for attention, who likes unexpected kisses, hugs and caresses. Leo enjoys being held by the hand and shouting from the rooftops how much they love him, but … what does a man do when he no longer wants anything with you according to his sign? C hen the relationship is no longer the same, changes suddenly, you begin to return more distant,their conversations half,the physical contact disappears and, althoughseems that still feels attraction is not enough to get another chance, is counting the time to say goodbye.


Virgo is really one of the most intelligent men, deep down he knows exactly what he wants, but it is difficult for him to channel his emotions in the best way, especially when it comes to confrontation. It is a sign that bets on durability, likes formality, but if you start to distance yourself it is a sign that you have changed your mind, you no longer feel calm as before, but you do not know how to say it without hurting the other person . However, it will put honesty first, even if it hurts.


Libra is the one who thinks a thousand times if he is doing the right thing or not. You need to get to know the person in depth to confirm that they really want to be there. He is a dedicated man, he seeks something more than the physical, he loses himself in a deep emotional connection and can last hours demonstrating his romantic side. What does a man do when he no longer wants anything with you according to his sign? However,when he starts to get distant it is because something bothered him, he has a fussy side that can become intolerant and he simply does not want to continue there.


The Scorpio man is the one who goes through life with a huge shell, he has a hard time showing his true feelings. Opening up in a relationship is synonymous with making sure you’re with someone ready for commitment, but when you change your mind it shows. It becomes too serious, without enthusiasm at all. It is very difficult for him to be the same again, he is only taking time to get out of that relationship, but he wants it to be in the best way.


Dating a Sagittarius man is like throwing a thousand coins in the air, you never really know what he has in store, it is a beautiful box of surprises that makes your heart and your adrenaline soar. The problem is when others become, when they stop being detailed, quiet and always wanting to finish the conversation. He is no longer excited about anything with his partner and it seems that plans with friends are always a better option. You are ready to go.


Capricorn is the man who adds the method in relationships, he is the one who really loves the conventional, the clearer and more direct everything is, for him the better. Really when someone is interested he becomes the sweetest in the world, he always plans, but when he falls in love from time to time he lets life do what it wants, he lets himself go. What does a man do when he no longer wants anything with you according to his sign? Capricorn when he no longer wants anything with someone becomes more stubborn, uncompromising and busy. Capricorn takes refuge in work when he no longer wants to know anything about his partner.


Aquarius is the one who runs away from confrontation a bit when he no longer wants anything with you. Let’s say you need a time of introspection, be sure that this is the step you want to take and you are not always ready. However, he begins to put distance in the conversations, he no longer talks as before, now everything has become more superficial,as if he really did not want to get more involved on an emotional level. Many times you can be scared, you may not know what to do with so much confusion, especially when things get too formal, if they feel tied they leave.


If there is a man who has love to squander, without a doubt, we are talking about Pisces, the person who is willing to share his entire life with whom he loves. Pisces is the dreamer who fights for the perfect relationship, life is too hard for your partner to become one more obstacle. However, when he begins to distance himself it is perhaps because his expectations are not being met, he is very faithful to his convictions and does not stay with someone just out of habit. Pisces gets sharp, wants to be alone and see how to make the final point.


What Does A Man Do When He No Longer Wants Anything With You According To His Sign

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