After the Dog, it is the Pig to be honoured for the new year of the Chinese calendar. An extremely kind and warm sign, it will have a positive influence on the social life of most other animals. What does the forecast say about your year 2019? To find out more, discover what the New Year has for you according to your Chinese astrological sign.

1. The Rat:

This is a year rich in projects for the Rat. He will have ideas full of mind but will have to show patience before they succeed. Because the year 2020 will be his year! In a nutshell, the year 2019 will be a transition period for the Rat.

2. The Buffalo:

In 2019, the buffalo will encounter some difficulties. But nothing happens to chance! Because of these changes come to shake his peaceful life, it is to offer him new opportunities. It’s up to him to accept it and know how to seize it …

3. The Tiger:

The Year of the Pig will be humanly beneficial for the most solitary sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Because more than ever, he will get closer to those around him. He who is not used to asking advice to others, will find the desire to socialize more.

4. The Rabbit:

The year 2019 will be under the sign of exchanges for the Rabbit. Like the Tiger, he will let his mistrust aside to invest more serenely with his family. His friendly and loving relationships will be lived intensely or will not be!

5. The Dragon:

The new year will give the Dragon, desire for change. He will thus question himself and do a lot of introspection to shake up his daily life. And it looks like the year of the Pig is ready to open new doors for him …

6. The Serpent:

The Serpent is known as a sign of control. But in 2019, he will not have much! Indeed, many obstacles will come to block the road. He will have to be even more aggressive and determined if he wants to cross this bad past without leaving his skin …

7. The Horse:

Unlike the year of the Dog in 2018, the Year of the Pig will have a much more positive influence for the Horse. And for good reason, he will be looking for new horizons! Result? His daily life will be full of fantasies.

8. The goat:

In 2019, the goat will not be bored! New projects, multiple activities, ultra-lively social life, intense love story … La Chèvre will live a new year as sparkling as it is rhythmic!

9. The Monkey:

The year 2019 will be marked by luck for the Monkey. This will be the perfect time to undertake the projects he dreams about. That said, he is advised to take his time to lead them because the Monkey may be overworked! Rest will be yours if he wants to achieve his goals!

10. The Rooster:

Normally, the Rooster is easily satisfied with what he has. But the year 2019 will make him want to go further! His aspirations will be deeper and he will gain height on what surrounds him. A philosophy that will allow him to move forward.

11. The Dog:

During the year of the Pig, the social life of the Dog is likely to be well animated. And this is not displeasing to him! He who loves being constantly surrounded, will live moments of sharing and conviviality as he likes them. He will even be ready to help those in need. Well done!

12. The Pig:

It’s his year! Of course, she can only book good surprises! Thus, 2019 will bring him his anthology of success and the Pig intends to enjoy it. That said, it is in his best interest to be wise and reasonable and not spend all the fruit of his success in a snap!


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