What disappointed you in 2020. According to your zodiac sign.




What disappointed you in 2020. According to your zodiac sign.


You are disappointed because certain desires that you have firmly set yourself have not been fulfilled. They are not material desires, but rather things that would have brought you further personally. Don’t hang your head, after all, you are an ambitious person and will do everything you can to avoid being disappointed in 2020.

BULL ( APRIL 21  MAY 20)

You are deeply disappointed because a relationship that you thought would have a future broke up. But you should be proud of yourself and not let yourself be broken by it, after all, you had the courage to take the risk of knowing that you could be hurt and disappointed. The right person is waiting for you somewhere out there, maybe it will work in 2020.

TWINS ( MAY 21  JUNE 21)

You are disappointed because you stood up for a certain person who in the end only wanted to take advantage of you. You invested time, strength and emotions and got nothing back but disappointment and pain. Don’t let that take away the joy of life because the stars say that more positive people will enter your life in 2020.


You are disappointed and hurt because someone you really loved has hurt you emotionally hard, but you shouldn’t be sad, but much more grateful that this person showed you his “true face”.


You are disappointed because you listened too much to others and thus nurtured self-doubt in yourself. You have shown yourself too little self-love, but the fact that you have now recognized this is already the step in the right direction.


You are disappointed that people who are important to you did not support you in one thing, but today you know that your path does not have to be your path. In 2020 you will develop more independently of the others.


You are a little disappointed that you are still single (or again), but that’s the way it is sometimes, maybe you have to spend some time alone to get closer to yourself. Don’t put yourself under pressure, being in a relationship is not a guarantee of a happier life.


You are disappointed with yourself because you could not break certain habits in 2019, but typically Scorpio you will stay tuned if you have finally let go of the things and habits that have a negative impact on your life.


You are disappointed because there was so much going on in 2019 and you realize that your life has rushed past you in the past year. However, this gives you the motivation to focus more on the essentials of your life in 2020.


You are disappointed because you invested a lot in your work and in 2019 it was not enough to stand where you would have liked to see yourself. But you are an ibex and these people are not so easily pushed away from their path. In 2020 you will start again, but this time you will not work hard, you will do it more intelligently.



You are disappointed with yourself because you have not treated certain people as they deserve. They are close to your heart and you will show them that in 2020. You can no longer change the past, but you can influence your behavior in the future.


You are disappointed because you have allowed someone to break your heart even though your intuition has warned you. But don’t let the heartache go into the new year with you, let go of what pulls you down.


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