What Color You Should Dye Your Hair This Winter

What Color You Should Dye Your Hair This Winter

We sometimes want a hair change when a season is about to end, and that’s normal!

Our personality greatly influences our tastes, so why not rely on astrology to guide our choices?

So here is your next hair color according to your sign… If you’re game !

Aries – Black

The Aries woman has great self-confidence, so she doesn’t mind attracting attention at all. Dark brown hair, or downright black, reflects the modern and strong sides of this sign, while being very cool!

Taurus – Green

Taurus is an earth sign, so green might seem like a no-brainer, but there’s more to it! This feminine sign appreciates originality and likes to try new things, so a more flashy shade will be ideal.

Gemini – Bicolor

The Gemini woman is a bit of a weathervane and can have difficulty choosing just one shade. No need to compromise by opting for a two-tone hair color!

Cancer – Chocolate Brown

Cancer people are emotional and appreciate a hair color that reminds them of something they love. For example, a colo inspired by chocolate, coffee, caramel, or other, will please them.

Leo – Light sweep

The star side of the Leo woman makes her a perfect candidate for bright colors. A golden blond sweep on a chestnut brown background will be ideal to attract all eyes this winter!

Virgo – Lavender

Virgo likes order, so might prefer a solid color. Lavender allows her to get out of her comfort zone and express her creativity, while keeping a cool look.

Libra – Highlights at the front of the face

The Libra woman loves balance, while being paradoxical. By opting for the two-tone trend, she will fulfill all sides of her personality and can explore her creativity!

Scorpio – Red

No color is more synonymous with passion than red, and no sign is more passionate than Scorpio! The red mane will reflect the fire that inhabits it, while expressing its edgy side .

Sagittarius – Natural

Sagittarius is honest and always sincere, but never pretentious. It is therefore well placed to rock its natural color. Without artifice, we keep it simple!

Capricorn – Redhead

Capricorn follows fashion, so she already knows that redheads have been trending for several months. She opts for red, a color that represents her audacity and that will go perfectly with her beautiful winter outfits already planned!

Aquarius – Pink

Aquarius is unique and attractive. Rosé is just magical and airy enough to represent the personality of people of this sign exactly.

Pisces – Blue

The Pisces woman may always seem happy, but she still has a dreamier side. The blue that tends towards silver-grey evokes this facet of their personality.

What Color You Should Dye Your Hair This Winter

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