Every year, the same question arises as Christmas approaches … What gift to offer to whom? And by force, inspiration is missing. To fill up with ideas without deceiving you, what would you say to trust the stars? Discover the Astro Christmas shopping with our selection of gift ideas for each of the astrological signs …

1. The Aries:

A gift that lives! Aries likes to be surprised with a present that is consumed. In other words, forget the material and privilege the experiments. Because he is generally sporty, take the opportunity to offer him a sport session that he could not afford or that he would not have thought of!

2. The Bull:

A gourmet gift! A good bottle of wine, fine chocolates, utensils, a cooking class or a voucher for its favourite restaurant … That’s enough to satisfy the taste buds of the Epicurean Zodiac!

3. The Gemini:

A brain gift. He who likes to walk his neurons can only be filled! But be careful, no plan to plan! He also likes to have fun! So why not tie the intellect to the game with an escape game?

4. Cancer:

A sentimental gift. To please our sentimental, you must touch his sensitive cords. And to do this, what’s better than a personalized gift? Play on its nostalgic and melancholic side with an album/frame/ montage photos of your memories in common!

5. The Lion:

A gift noticed! As for the rest, the Lion loves gifts that throw it away. And if they highlight it, it’s even better! A famous perfume, a chic jewellery, a design accessory for its interior … The idea is that it feels valued!

6. The Virgin:

A useful gift. That would make her happy. She, who hates the superfluous, can only thank you! Pay attention to his needs to aim just right. In general, you can bet on safe values: books, kitchen accessories, DIY tools and DIY equipment …

7. The Balance:

A gift of well-being. The queen of elegance likes to take care of her. Whether you are his half, a family member or one of his friends, you can be sure to fill it with a spa and massage session. And if you share it with her, it’s even better!

8. The Scorpion:

A gift of passion. Sign of all excesses, Scorpio loves adrenaline and thrills. No need to offer him a gift too simple and already seen. Conduct the investigation and discover his latest fads to aim just right or surprise him with an unusual gift like a diving baptism!

9. Sagittarius:

A gift not palpable. Sagittarius is the least materialistic Astro sign it is. So to give him a Christmas present, think of an activity that he can share with his family. A pot for his next trip or a concert place are very good ideas!

10. Capricorn:

A traditional gift. With a relatively conservative temperament, Capricorn loves simple things. Think of a useful object for its interior, a tasting box, a classic perfume, a good book or even a board game!

11. The Aquarius:

A high tech gift! A specialist in new technologies and a sign of avant-gardism, Aquarius loves originality and modernity. Opt for a trendy speaker or unusual gadgets, to give it the impression, once again, to have a head start!

12. The fish:

A sensitive gift. Ultra sensitive and intuitive, the Fish likes to fill its 5 senses. Massage oils, scented candles, a ticket for a classical ballet, a box of scented teas … Offer him a sensory journey …


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