Ho ho ho! Christmas time is fast approaching and it’s time to think about decorating your interior. If some astrological signs do not design a Christmas decoration without honouring the traditions, others let themselves go to more fantasies. And you, what Christmas decoration do you like? Discover it with your Astro sign!


1. The Aries:

March colour, the red will be an integral part of the Christmas decoration of Aries. Since it is ruled by this planet, this vibrant colour – just like its character – will enchant it from the tree to the Christmas table. One thing is sure, he prefers the colours asserted colours too soft to decorate his Christmas interior …

2. The Bull:

Oh Christmas! This magical feast filled the Taurus with the joy of celebrating it with his family. So, he intends to put the package. Spruce branches distilled on the table, a fir tree lit up with a thousand lights by garlands of light and not forgetting the socks hanging from the chimney … In short, the Bulls treats the smallest details by opting for a traditional decoration!

3. The Gemini:

Although he is an adult, Gemini has kept a child’s soul that he does not always admit. He may say the opposite, the spirit of Christmas enchants. And deco level, he knows how to use imagination and originality to arrange his interior. Vintage wooden toys, delirious colours, glitter and confetti … He does not hesitate to mix styles for a Christmas extroverts!

4. Cancer:

A Christmas decoration as during his childhood. This is what Cancer will attempt to reproduce to decorate its interior. The tree will be decorated with traditional balls and garlands of Christmas but also barley-sugars that will remind him of his childhood memories. The nursery will have a place of choice and it will not forget the traditions as a crown of holly on the front door!

5. The Lion:

The Christmas decoration of the Lion will be golden or will not be. It must be said, he likes sets that shine and sparkle the eyes of the largest and the smallest. The balls of the tree will be sequined, the Christmas table will be filled with glittering candles placed delicately on a table runner silky gold, again and again!

6. The Virgin:

For her Christmas decoration, the Virgin wants to be delicate and refined. She generally opts for soft and polar shades such as white, light blue and silver. Follower of DIY, she does not hesitate to embark on the creation of home-made Christmas decorations, which she has been careful to spot on the net for several months now …

7. The Balance:

In this particular event, Libra likes to bring out the big game for its Christmas decoration. And as in his image, it will create an elegant and harmonious atmosphere. Too much does not matter for her, the importance is in the details. Delicate Christmas balls with pastel tones, porcelain dishes, bright stars and some coppery decorative objects.

8. The Scorpion:

Soft lighting, unusual figurines, intense and deep colours such as black, lees of wine or midnight blue … No doubt, Scorpion’s Christmas decoration will be full of mysteries. So we wonder if his Christmas decoration does not look more like a strange cabinet of curiosities …

9. Sagittarius:

Because he is the fighter of the Zodiac, Sagittarius is tempted to create an exotic Christmas decoration. Thus, the trades the traditional Christmas balls against tropical figurines (pineapple, flamingo, parrot …) to hang in the tree. Moreover, it could even be that his tree is replaced by a palm tree!

10. Capricorn:

No doubt, Capricorn is the most conventional astrological sign of the Zodiac. It is in the rules of tradition and simplicity that he will design his Christmas decoration. A Christmas tree barely decorated, a table elegantly set with noble and precious materials and voila!

11. The Aquarius:

Aquarius never does anything like the others. And for his Christmas decoration, he intends to stand out by choosing an eccentric and unusual decoration. The colours will be bold and the decor bold. If he had to choose a style, why not adopt a cosmic decoration!

12. The fish:

Guided by his emotions, the Poisson sees in Christmas, the opportunity to create an artistic decor to wish. Crafts creations unearthed on Christmas markets, deco mottled in flea markets, diverted objects … Art will be an integral part of its interior for parties and all its objects will have a story to tell …


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