You want a purebred cat but you do not know which one to choose? Depending on the character traits of your astrological sign, it is possible to define the ideal cat breed for your lifestyle! Because to adopt a cat is to bet on a real-life companion! So, for what kind of cat, are you done? Rather player and adventurer or calm and affectionate? An imposing ball of hair or a cat with short and discreet hairs? Find out which cat is yours …

1. Aries: an Abyssinian

If the Abyssinian is the ideal cat for the native of Aries, it is because he is in his image! Indeed, it is a super active cat with a strong personality. Very player and intelligent, he needs space. The good news? Aries will appreciate the many exchanges he can have with him since it is a very chatty cat!

2. Taurus: a Carthusian

A sign of family values, Taurus needs a docile cat, able to adapt to a family life and therefore to children. To do this, we did not find better than the Carthusian! This adorable cat with grey-blue fur, in addition to being calm and sociable, rarely comes out with his claws!

3. Gemini: a Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold has unmatched adaptability, just like Gemini. He knows how to adapt to a lifestyle of home-grown and adventurous. But if these two can get along so well, it is because they have one of the most important points in common: their sociability.

4. Cancer: a Ragdoll

Of all the cat breeds, the Ragdoll is one of the most affectionate. It is a sweet cat, just waiting to be curled up! That’s good, the native of Cancer is fond of hugs and pussies of all kinds and can spend hours huddled with him on the sofa in the living room!

5. Leo: a Maine Coon

For this sign of fire, it takes a cat that imposes. Renowned to be the largest cat that can exist, the Maine Coon does not go unnoticed! And besides having a great look, it’s an easy-going cat that adapts to all situations. But, he also knows how to be heard when he wants something … Here, here, it reminds us of his master!

6. Virgo: an Oriental Cat

The Oriental Cat is neither more nor less than a coloured Siamese. Thus, it is a cat with short hair and which requires very little maintenance … What delight the maniacal temperament of the Virgin! But if they can perfectly live together, it’s because they both have an independent but affectionate character.

7. Libra: a Chantilly

Queen of beauty, Libra generally craves for cats with long, silky hairs. Just for its elegant appearance, Libra can only melt in front of a Chantilly cat! And beyond his look, it’s a cat who does not like being alone and with which, Libra can maintain strong links!

8. Scorpion: a Siamese

Renowned as the sacred cat of the kings of Siam, the Siamese fascinates more than one. And especially the mysterious Scorpion! It is a breed of cat that has character and only sees by his master. And it is precisely this exclusive relationship with the animal that is particularly popular with Scorpion!

9. Sagittarius: a Bengal

What better than the character of Bengal to look like that of Sagittarius? Not only, he looks like a mini fawn but more, it is a cat ultra player! Apartment living is not ideal for this type of cat! But since Sagittarius is a sign adept nature and adventures, he will offer him a playground worthy of a real wild cat …

10. Capricorn: a Russian Blue

Capricorn is not always a pet lover. For him, it’s maintenance and it’s not something to take lightly! If he had to choose a breed of cat, he would be better off choosing a Russian Blue! Shy cat, very calm and rather homebody, it asks only to be cajoled!

11. Aquarius: a Persian

With its royal look and its atypical character, it is not surprising to find a Persian cat strutting in the living room of Aquarius. Even if he spends most of his time sleeping, he happens to be crazy! But it is above all his precious cat manias that will amuse Aquarius!

12. Pisces: a Sacred of Burma

With his cat, the Fish wants to maintain a privileged relationship. Since it is a calm, home-bodied and dreamy sign, he needs a cat with a sweet and faithful temperament. Sacred Burma is a model of kindness. One thing is certain, these two will spend long hours of laziness together …

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