There is two news: bad and good. The bad thing is that in 2020 the location of the governing planet for Aries is not particularly favorable: it will be located so that you are more likely to feel the absence of your assertiveness and decisiveness. But – here is a surprise! – this is good: because of this, the year will be quite calm and balanced. In the first half, it will be unusually boring for you – and this will move the most sensible of Aries to improve their professional and other skills: in order not to be discouraged, you can start going to some useful courses, sign up for training or return your forgotten hobbies to your life. In private life, the most favorable will most likely be the end of summer – the beginning of autumn – do not miss the opportunity to change your personal life at this time, if you are interested in this, of course. And those,


Taurus will not have a sweet in 2020: with a high degree of probability, we can predict problems with friends for most of them. You can substitute or bring the most seemingly reliable people and close friends can start an unfair game against you. Keep yourself in hand, because the rage will knock you out of the rut and finally confuse matters. Fortunately, this will happen in the first half of the year, then things will come back to normal and it will be useful for you to tackle personal problems, especially if there is a need for a final break of a meaningless connection, in parting with the person to whom you were given more than one chance did not work out.


And for the majority of Gemini, almost the whole of 2020 is a successful time in the professional and career sense: since mid-spring, one can most successfully manifest himself in this area. But until that time, it is not worthwhile to start a new business and/or undertake too complex tasks. Just before the middle of spring you should not go on long journeys, marry (get married), take a loan, etc. In personal affairs, nothing particularly new is foreseen, but somehow you will add responsibility for maintaining your relationship. And for those who do not have a pair with a new acquaintance, the entire initiative for its continuation will be in your hands. Do not lose confidence in yourself – and you will be happy.


Until the summer, the Rakov’s have a serious chance that they will be able to choose for themselves how to arrange their affairs, what to do and in which direction to move on. Change jobs, move or abandon any changes – most likely any of your decisions will lead to a positive result. You can also confidently predict the appearance of interesting and useful dating in this period. By the summer, fate will take your life into its own hands and it will become difficult to manage anything as if you are going to be drawn into your actions and situations against your will. We can say that for you, the year 2020, in general, will be unstable, although more will bring positive changes and sensations. By the end of summer – the beginning of autumn, you will have time to get tired, so it makes sense to take a vacation and go somewhere – but alone!


The year 2020 promises Lions a serious influx of energy and the main thing here is to properly dispose of it, i.e. so she went solely on business, and not on the feeding of nervous breakdowns, etc. Therefore, we keep ourselves in hand, we are actively engaged in work – and then this energy will help to move up the career ladder before the end of the summer and receive a pleasant monetary reward. In the autumn you should be ready for the decay of vital forces, decrease in working capacity, the appearance of periods of melancholia and depression. Therefore, it makes sense to organize your life by this time so that your classes are not straining, habitual and, most importantly, contain any joy in any way. The best thing for you is to communicate with loved ones, pleasing and pacifying family affairs, pleasant and distracting from decadent moods caring for home improvement, etc.


The first half of the year will most likely be very fruitful and successful for you: there will be strength, opportunities, and energy; you will be able to do a lot for yourself and for your loved ones, moreover, your example for relatives and friends will also be an occasion start moving. All this activity except pleasure should bring you some good money as well. But manage to use the successful period of the year to the beginning of summer: then the source of beneficial energy will begin to dry out, or rather, with high probability we can say that your mood will change: you want warmth and comfort, romance, but not work from morning to night. But you should not turn off the mind even in intimate, intimate relationships – it will not bring good. In addition, summer and autumn will not be the best time for you in 2020. Only by the end of November,


A grand year awaits you: surging energy can literally take you on the wave of efficiency, performance and good luck to new steps in the career ladder. But there is a catch: earned, you can miss the moment when it will seriously affect the health and nervous system. Rest, gentlemen Libra, alternate work and rest, otherwise success can most likely end in a hospital … Just as important to remember that under no circumstances should you get involved and you should definitely stay away from people whose behavior is unstable and unreliable. With regard to personal relationships, there is also an interesting point: those of you who are married can go to the threshold of betrayal of partners. But in 2020 for you, this is fraught with serious problems with far-reaching consequences.


The year 2020, in general, will be very successful for you: many events, unexpected turns, and acquaintances that require your attention … The main thing is vigilance: not all acquaintances are nice people and not all events require equally close attention. Do not spray your strength and do not forget that the abundance of communication inevitably leads to misunderstanding, intrigue and all kinds of hidden games – both against you and with your participation against someone. Try not to allow the second option, no matter how unpleasant a person is: it will not do any good, time will be wasted, only an unpleasant aftertaste and dissatisfaction will remain … In your personal life – without significant changes. Therefore, direct all your energy to conquests along the line of your profession and career And remember that in 2020 you will be more likely than ever to have dramatic mood swings, i.e.


An unusual and interesting year for many Sagittarius: the first half of it is like some kind of silence, waiting, preparing for something … No significant or serious events are foreseen, everything is very ordinary. But rest assured – the second half of the year, and especially the summer and part of the autumn, will show you that it was a calm before the storm and will present surprises in personal relationships. Be prepared for a series of mistakes, both from your side and from your partner. The way you get out of these tests – together, understanding each other or in resentment and hostility – will be an indicator of your future life. But, interestingly, any outcome will be favorable for you: if the relationship collapses, you can create new, more durable ones, if the relationship continues, you will know the full depth of your feelings.


Capricorns expect a very hectic year. So hold on and get ready for the fact that your plans may begin to fail and change at the last moment, no matter how carefully you have prepared something. But this is not always for the worse, moreover – it will bring diversity in your life and help enrich your experience. Advice: do not try to swim against the current, let the river of events carry you where it is destined … And be sure to take advantage of the fact that there will be some calm in the summer – organize your life according to the changes, perhaps add some sport to it. After all, in the fall you will most likely be awaited by events that again cannot be controlled. To maintain good health, nerves and pride, do not neglect the help of loved ones and do not refuse support to your relatives. A good family is everything!


Until the middle of spring 2020, be prepared for difficulties and problems of various kinds. But this is not bad, you just need to dive headlong into work, school or other things. Do not go on vacation and do not arrange a vacation for yourself – things will overtake you and spoil the rest. You will rest later, best of all – at the end of summer, in autumn or even at the end of 2020. And be prepared for the fact that such an immersion in business will cause disapproval of loved ones. who will miss your attention? Try to explain to your family that you work so hard for them, in order. make your life better It seems that it is unlikely to succeed – and by the end of the year you will have to establish nevertheless shaken relationships … Such an intense rhythm of life will require you to mobilize all the resources, so do not neglect meditation spiritual practices and refresher courses as an opportunity to shift attention. Especially in the fall and early winter.


There is no likelihood that your career will make a serious leap in 2020, but there are all the prerequisites for this year to become a landmark in your career and you will lay a solid foundation for further promotion. In addition, in 2020 you will find pleasant small surprises at work. You should not rest on your laurels, it is better to engage in spiritual practices, self-knowledge, etc. … You will have a summer of funny surprises. which will not let you get bored. But there are also unpleasant moments: be prepared for the fact that your envious people begin to weave intrigues and try to substitute you.


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