The year is running out and little by little the energies are decreasing. December is a month to close many chapters, but it is also a month to start thinking about everything we want and expect from the new year. The energies go down because the year has been very long, but on the other hand, we are looking forward to what is to come. This is what the signs are tired this month:



Aries, this month you are tired of seeing how success comes to people who don’t deserve it. It’s not that you are envious as such, you don’t really tend to be an envious person. But you are tired of having to live day and day, also seeing how the world is unfair to you. Other people who are not you are succeeding and that bothers you, Aries, especially because you know they are people who don’t really deserve it. But the best thing you can do now, Aries, is to focus on yourself and stop comparing yourself to others. When I have to reach you, it will come to you and you will surely shine brighter than everyone else. It is important that to finish the year well, leave all these toxic comparisons aside and focus on you and your goals.


You are tired of waiting for something exciting to happen in your life. Right now, Taurus, what you need most is to find something that motivates you, that excites you, that makes you wake up every day with a great desire to fight and give everything. But the problem, Taurus, is that you are waiting for that to come into your life without you even doing anything. You are tired of everything in general, you are realizing that your life is becoming boring … It is time to leave the comfort zone, to look for what you need so much. You are tired of being stuck in the routine, Taurus, and before the beginning of 2020, it is important that you look for something that really motivates you.


This December, Gemini, you are tired of feeling that your work and your effort does not matter, that it does not seem to be enough. Feel like nobody realizes all the effort you put in every day and how much you work to get your life going. It has been a somewhat complicated year, Gemini, and you are starting to get tired of having to fight and fight like nobody else so that you will not even be able to thank them. Nor do you ask much, simply that they know that you give yourself every day like nobody else. What you must do now, Gemini is to surround yourself solely and exclusively with those people who do know how to value your work. Stay with those who make you laugh and drive you to be a better person.


You are tired of everyone taking advantage of your kindness and your great heart. This year you have accumulated a lot, you have had to swallow and swallow while you watched as people took advantage of that kindness. But now you have tired and have decided not to leave that kindness in the hands of anyone, in the hands of people who do not deserve even the slightest. You are tired of being you who always sends the first message, who proposes all the plans, who of his arm to twist. You don’t mind being like that, in fact, you’re like that because you leave alone. But there comes a point where you can not give more of yourself so that in the end you do not receive even the slightest in return.


You’re tired of the distance, both physical and more emotional, Leo. You spend a lot of time away from people you love, from people you would give everything to have by your side. In addition, you feel like you have gradually distanced yourself from several people who were very important to you. You would like to do anything to make that distance disappear from one day to another. You wish you could have much more time to be with those people you miss so much. The first thing to do, Leo, is to swallow your pride because, even if you don’t recognize it, it is the main cause of that distance. Do not be afraid to write to those people, to recognize that you miss them. You are tired of many things, Leo, but it is time to put measures and solutions for it.


More than tired, Virgo, you are tired of criticizing and judging you people who do not know even the slightest of you, who know absolutely nothing about your life. You can understand that people speak or think if they at least know you or know what you had to go through. But there has come a point where people talk without knowing and that is what bothers you the most. Look, Virgo, the first thing you should do from now on, is to pass absolutely from those criticisms and much more, from those people who always get where they are not called. Focus on your path, your projects, your dreams. You have to start accepting that people will criticize you whether you do it right or do it wrong. The world is like that and even if you are tired, it is time to accept reality.


You’re starting to get tired, Libra, of feeling that nobody is able to hear everything you have to say. You know perfectly well that you can trust many people, but you don’t feel that those people are willing to listen to you. You are a little fed up with you having to listen to everyone and then nobody is able to do the same to you. All you ask is that there is someone who approaches and asks you what is wrong with you or is able to engage in a deep conversation with you. Look, Libra, you don’t ask for that much either, but it seems that people don’t know how to live up to it. The best thing you can do is start listening to yourself and if you don’t feel comfortable with anyone, start venting and expressing yourself in other ways. Write, draw, do sports … Whatever.


You are tired, Scorpio, that your mind is your worst enemy. You try to move forward, try to rebuild your life and fight like never before, but your mind does not stop bringing past stories to the present. You are tired of not being able to control your own thoughts and that also makes you unable to control your life. This 2019 has been a year of many ups and downs and you are exhausted both physically and mentally, Scorpio. Exhausted in every way. What you must do in the remainder of the month is to try to disconnect as much as possible. Find something that makes you forget all the shit and enjoy the moment. The less you think and the less you become obsessed with wanting to control your own thoughts and feelings, the better.


You are tired of pretending that everything is fine, that everything is still normal when inside the stress is slowly taking over your body. You are a very optimistic and cheerful person and the last thing you want is to transmit bad vibes to others. You insist too much on smiling in spite of everything and that you don’t notice how bad is in your mind. But, Sagittarius, there comes a point where you get tired, where you can’t keep pretending. Now, all you want is to let go of everything, let off steam anyway. It is not that you are at your worst, at all, but you feel like there are many things that overwhelm you, that worry you, that even stress you. You are tired of people thinking that you are a happy and carefree person when the reality is not so.


You are tired of always having to fight for something. You are tired of so many injustices and that the world does not behave just with you for a moment. People say that you are obsessed with perfection and that everything goes well, but in reality, it is not so and you know it. All you want is for people to be fair to you because you think it’s the least you deserve. You are tired of having to fight for these injustices and not even being able to listen to you. This 2019 for you, Capricorn, has been a year of many changes, you have felt how Karma has finally given you the good that it owed you, but many things have been missing … The only thing you ask for this 2020 is a respite, to be able to continue with your stuff, but with a calm mind. To be able to continue fighting to reach your dreams, but without any injustices involved.


You are tired of having to take care and measure your words and your actions. You are getting tired of having to ask yourself how a certain person feels and if your words have affected him. You want to enjoy your freedom to the fullest without anyone being offended or bothered. You are tired of not being able to listen to your instincts or get carried away by what you feel at this time. This year, Aquarius, relationships have been a very important part of your life, but perhaps not everything went as you thought. From now on and, above all, from 2020 you have to start looking much more for yourself. If someone bothers everything you do, you know where the exit door is. You cannot be controlling 24/7 if your words annoy others or not.


You are getting married to feeling that what you do is wrong. You have reached a point, Pisces, in which negativity has taken over your body and your mind. We must solve this before it is too late. Pisces, you’re tired of always feeling the bad guy in the movie. There are times when you feel misunderstood and when you are not able to find someone to listen to you. From now on, Pisces, you should focus more on the positive, in returning to your life the good vibes that you lack so much. 2020 is just around the corner and although you are getting tired of many things, you should recharge energy to start it in the best possible way. Never give up, Pisces, much less now.

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