The main qualities of the Lion

Born between 23 July and 23 August, the Lion is the 5 th sign of the Zodiac. The Sun and Saturn represent the stars that dominate it according to the horoscope. It displays many qualities that it would be good to know to better understand how it works. Indeed, even if it seems uncompromising, we must not trust appearances or the first impression. Discover through this article the true nature of a Lion native .

Lion sign presentation

Like Aries and Sagittarius , the lion is a sign of Fire. Considered to be the king of the jungle, this animal that symbolizes it reflects nobility, authority, determination and pride.

The stars that govern the sign Leo, the Sun and Saturn, represent radiation and consciousness. They reveal a great strength of character and an iron will. Sunday is the day assigned to him, and his favorite figure is 1.

tarot marseille lion signIn the tarological blade, the Lion represents the arcane 11, the sign of strength. This is one of the main reasons why he is always trying to dominate those around him. Gold is the metal associated with Leo, which explains why the natives of this sign have a natural gift to shine, both in everyday life and in society. This attribute is all the more corroborated by the colors (red, orange and yellow) as well as the stones (yellow diamond, amber and sardoine) associated with it.

Unsuspected qualities of the Lion

The native of Leo has unprecedented social qualities.

Nice and generous

He is always up when it comes to going out and likes to mingle with the crowd. Extremely generous and endowed with a warm personality, he easily attracts sympathy.

He also needs to be surrounded to feel perfectly comfortable. In addition, he earns and naturally retains loyalty and respect for his surroundings through his legendary altruistic character. He likes to please his family, so he sometimes forgets to indulge himself.

Sure of him

On the other hand, the Lion is best known for his charisma and his imposing side. Unlike the king of the jungle, he is not really a follower of hunting. He lets his future conquests come to him and is rarely seduced at first sight. His interlocutor must therefore prove himself to enter his living space. Although it seems somewhat haughty, its charm operates quickly and on almost everyone. Because of this, the Lion is often an ace of seduction, sometimes unwittingly.

The lion is serious

His fiery temperament, like his element, can then quickly give birth to a passionate passion. Endowed with a great sense of responsibility, he is deeply involved in all his endeavors. However, he is often an all-or-nothing supporter. Thus, he can give his partner all the love of the world and resume it quickly if he does not show up to his involvement in the relationship. Nevertheless, the Lion is of exemplary fidelity, once he has chosen his half.

The Lion, a person with an iron health

In general, the native of the Lion falls ill very rarely, because he enjoys a solid constitution, just like the animal that represents him. He is never (or almost never) subject to nervous breakdown thanks to his iron mind.

However, his great emotions could play him bad tricks sooner or later. Caution is therefore needed on this point. Indeed, contrary to appearances, under its hard and authoritarian air hides a gentle and fragile person who needs attention and tenderness.

A person born under the sign of Leo is distinguished by its endurance and vitality. It does not fail to surprise by faculty to recover quickly in case of illness. In addition, his main priority is to indulge in sports sessions to stay in shape and achieve a long life. The most fragile parts of his body are the back, the heart and the spinal cord. It is therefore important to pay special attention and consult without hesitation in case of problems, especially at the heart.

The Lion, a real epicurean!

On the side of nutrition, the Lion does not deprive of anything and likes to please his taste buds. He particularly enjoys good food, so he does not really pay attention to the contents of his plate. A real epicurean! Just as he prefers to live his life as he sees fit, he does not like being told what to eat. Because he knows that his sometimes too rich diet could hurt him later, he relies on sports activities to rid his body of toxins.

Original portrait of the lion through the 3 decans

The hidden face of Leo

You should never trust appearances when you are in front of a Lion native. Indeed, it has a great ability to believe that everything is fine when it is not. Behind his great sense of humor can hide a sense of frustration.

Although he is particularly emotional and can be easily offended, he can be lenient and turn a blind eye to a minor problem. But his forgiveness, he usually only grants once. He prefers to give a second chance to the person who injured her so that she can catch up and show a better version of herself.

And finally, among the goals that are close to his heart, we distinguish his desire to change the world. As a result, he does not hesitate to go out of his way to make others’ lives better. It is for this reason that it is not uncommon to see a Lion sign volunteer.

All the qualities listed above do not represent the complete personality of the Lion native, but just a tiny part. You have to get to know him to know who he really is and to understand him.
In addition, the ascendancy of the Lion person also plays on his personality traits and is therefore to be taken into account.

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