The defects of the sign Aries

Aries, the first astrological sign of the zodiac, has many qualities such as vivacity, from which flow its boundless energy, passion and enthusiasm. He is also known for his passion, courage and independence. But, this fleeting sign, does not have only qualities …

There are also many defects that make Aries one of the most arrogant and ambitious astrological signs. Should we blame him for that? Knowing that qualities like defects are inseparable from the personality of an individual?

Let’s explore together the dark side of our malicious horned sign! For this, discover and try to understand the defects of the sign Aries .

Egocentrism and selfishness: Aries sign defects in a relationship

The native of Aries, known for his egocentrism, is far from being a diplomatic end. Not only does he say what he thinks of a situation, even if it hurts or deeply upsets his interlocutor, he thinks he is always right. And in the name of honesty, he will not care about the feelings of others.

Most native-borns and Aries-borns can not bear being made to wait and their desires are not satisfied on the spot. If this is the case, they can get into a black rage that further aggravates the often tense situation.

Aries must learn to apply the principle of “living well together”, which is to take into account the opinions of others and to respect their feelings.

The authoritarianism of Aries: one of its main defects at work

In his heyday, Aries is a good leader and a born emulator, thanks to his infectious enthusiasm. Indeed, to see his team succeed a project, he knows how to use his power of persuasion.

Sometimes, the desire to succeed is so strong that Aries pushes his staff out of breath, by being too demanding. Not only does he want to be obeyed with his finger and his eye but he hates to question his decisions. Now, there are times when Aries is totally wrong, given its ruggedness. Everyone knows that the natives of this sign of the zodiac act first before thinking about the possible consequences of his actions.

The authoritarianism of Aries can break the atmosphere in a professional context, so that it happens to put the whole team back …

Arrogance: One of the worst defects of Aries

Many people blame Aries for their arrogance, which is inseparable from their personality. Because he hates mediocrity, he tends to despise those he feels are not intelligent enough to understand his requirements.

Moreover, too sure of him or her, the native or the native of the sign Aries takes the advice that is lavished on him. Remember that Aries wants to have the last word and acknowledging his mistake is unthinkable. He prefers to persist in his error rather than admit his wrong.

The overconfidence of the Aries sign , which results in a contemptuous attitude towards those who can not follow him, can quickly annoy his entourage.

To evolve in an effective professional framework and to benefit from the capacity of his team, the Aries must understand that one gains in efficiency by associating himself with the others and taking into account their potential.

One of the defects inherent in Aries at work: impulsivity

In the world where everything goes very fast and where you have to seize the opportunity to succeed, impulsiveness, along with enthusiasm, characterizes the native or the native of the sign of Aries and turns out to be an advantage.

But this does not apply to all situations, especially since the border that separates the qualities of defects is very thin. It is therefore necessary that Aries learn to step back to be able to evaluate the situation from another perspective. Sometimes procrastination, the art of postponing the tasks one has to perform, is good. In particular to overcome stressful situations, in the sense that it allows to list the priorities and therefore to postpone what is not.

Impulsiveness, the result of impatience, leading Aries to be unpredictable proves to be a quality when it comes to having fun or during the holidays, where there is no room for boredom !

The idealism of Aries, at the origin of his failures in love

When Aries is in love , he tends to romanticize the relationship. Behaving as a conqueror, he thinks he is all-out and is eager to seduce anyone who makes his heart beat fast: he will not take into account the personality of the other, and will only think of his personal interests. . In his eagerness, not only can he be demanding as a partner, but he is also likely to be disillusioned, because his dear half may have a personality incompatible with his in love. As a result, he falls easily in love but he quickly gets tired of a relationship, which, in reality, is contrary to his expectations.

Anger of Aries makes him suspicious

Because of their impatience and inability to accept rejections or failures, most individuals born between March 21 and April 20, under the zodiacal constellation of Aries, get away easily. Getting easily angry as soon as you question their decisions or make them wait. Or when they have to admit their wrong. This is how native and native Aries, when they are misunderstood by those around them, often show themselves in their bad days.

Since the border between qualities and defects is very thin, it is important to locate the native or native Aries in the context that can justify his behavior.
So, instead of hastening to classify it in persona non grata , let’s try to understand it first. All the defects of the Aries sign that we have described depict an impulsive personality with a strong character, but in no way malicious! Because one thing is certain: our horned friends are especially very demanding towards themselves, bringing out a dark side not to take personally.

We can say that the Aries are of an attaching nature and we love them for that!

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