When we meet someone, most of the time we only see a small superficial layer of our personality. Moreover, although there is already trust, even if that person has been knowing us for years and years, he will probably never really know how we are. What nobody knows about your personality, Aries is that you are much more sensitive than you really seem to be.

You always insist on trying to convey that image of a strong person, with a lot of character, with a lot of temperament. And in part it is true, Aries, you are a very brave person and others already know that you have a huge heart, but what many, if not most, do not know about you, is that you are also quite sensitive.

You are brave, Aries, because you are not afraid of failure and you are not afraid to make a fool of yourself or look bad.

That is something that neither worries you nor takes your sleep away. You have a brave heart that ‘forces’ you to risk, to throw yourself without looking back, to live without fear. Such a heart is not something that most people have. But yes, Aries, your heart also has a very sensitive side, a side that suffers much more than even you can imagine. Courage and courage are always there, but your soft part is also there, the one that gets excited when you finally get what you deserve, or, on the contrary, the one that gets angry quickly when you see that you are not being treated for a fairway.

Recognize it, Aries, even if you go hard for life, you have a heart that is too soft. You are a truly romantic person. You also like to be surprised with small details, you also like to have a person who knows how to make your heart bigger. Someone who is able to bring to light that sensitivity, that more romantic side. That person who calls you late at night and says ‘pack your bags, we go anywhere.’

Very few people are really those who know this part of your personality, that romantic side that you keep inside of you. But yes, Aries, you also want to fall in love and have a person with whom you can be who you want to be.


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