The universe only gives you what is right for you at that moment.

You are someone who always expects to get what he wants. But life doesn’t work that way, things will go exactly as they were intended for you. There is no moaning and stamping your feet on the floor.

Sometimes you have to learn that you don’t always get what you want in life and often when you look back it was a good thing you didn’t get it.



Sometimes love alone is not enough.

Unfortunately in May you will be shown that love alone is not enough to keep things going between two people.

Incidentally, this applies not only to a relationship, but also to friendships or in the family. You will have to learn the hard way in the month of mail that a good interpersonal relationship needs more than just emotions.



You learn in May that some people will never appreciate you.

It may happen that even though you do your best, it will never be enough for certain people. That you do everything in your power for someone, but you get nothing back.

As much as it hurts to accept something like that, you won’t be able to avoid removing these specific people from your life. The month of May will have something cleansing for your environment. Which will be disappointing but good for your life in the long run.



Good people, bad things happen.

There is no guarantee that everything will go smoothly in life. Just because you have good intentions does not mean that your counterpart only has good intentions.

Yes, karma exists, but that doesn’t mean bad people will get everything back. It is a part of life that you have to accept and internalize.

In the month of May you will learn that not everyone means well with you.



Your own needs are not the most important thing in your life.

In May you will have to learn the hard way that you will have to put your pride behind in certain situations. It is not always about you and your ego.

You will learn that a broken heart hurts more than a disappointed ego. And that will give you a new perspective on life.



You can’t save everyone.

Sometimes there are moments in life when you feel the need to save someone from yourself, but you have to hold back because everyone is responsible for themselves. There will be such a situation in May.

You can’t save everyone, especially yourself. Instead of saving others, focus on becoming the best possible version of yourself.

In the month of May, you learn that everyone has to master their own life.


There is sometimes only one second chance in life.

You are not always the “good one” and you will have to experience this on the bitter tour in May.

You had the chance to be happy with someone, but you missed the first and second chance. Now you will have to live with it and hopefully learn from it.

The month of May is here to show you that we should value something as long as it is there.



Forgiving others is your way to inner peace.

Yes, I know you think you cannot live in peace as long as the people who have harmed you have received their just punishment. But in May you will learn that revenge only fills your life with negative energy.

In May you will learn that forgiveness is the only way to find your inner peace.



Holding on to the past is a prison, the walls of which you built yourself.

Sometimes you just have to let go no matter how much it hurts. Because nothing weighs heavier on the soul than past things that we have not fully processed.

Yes, it hurts, but soon you will understand that certain people no longer live in your presence for a reason. Nobody has become part of your past for no reason and justifiably has no place in your future. Once you understand that, letting go is not that complicated.

In May you will learn what it means to find your way out of a prison that you have created yourself.



Suppressing your emotions is something that will hurt you in the long run.

Rushing to work just to distract yourself from emotional problems is not a permanent solution.

Your inner demons will come and get you sooner or later and pretend you don’t have a heart, the demons won’t be silenced.

In May you will learn to face your emotions, even if that means being deeply disappointed.



Finally learn to love yourself.

Being there for everyone is a great trait, but often you forget yourself. Helping others is exemplary, but worth nothing if you destroy yourself.

Self-love should come first for you. If you don’t care about yourself, everyone else will treat you that way.

In the month of May you learn that self-love is the way to a fulfilling life.



If someone really wants you, you will feel it.

In May you will learn to no longer find excuses for someone who obviously doesn’t want you in their life.

You listen to someone who is not trying to give you a place in your life. If someone treats you as if you don’t care, you will believe him that it is.


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