With the return of sunny days, we have only one desire: to bask in the sun with a good cocktail. In the family of the Zodiac, each astrological sign has its own preferences in matters of refreshment. According to your personality traits defined by your astrological sign, discover which cocktail is made for you!

Discover all our recipes of the world.

Aries: a Caipirinha

To respond to the dynamism and exoticism of Aries, Caipirinha is the ideal cocktail. Of Brazilian origin, this drink is composed of cachaça, lime and cane sugar. And it’s perfect to cool down after a busy day!

Taurus: a Sangria

Taurus is recognized as the epicurean sign of the Zodiac. Although he likes most cocktails, he easily falls for a Sangria. Why? Because it is a generous and colourful cocktail that he can share with his family!

Gemini: a Margarita

A cocktail made with tequila, the Margarita reflects good mood and festivities. Of course, it is perfect for Gemini! Indeed, it is one of the most revelatory astrological signs. And it may well be that the Margarita trains her to dance all night long!

Cancer: a punch

Discreet and traditional, Cancer appreciates rather classic cocktails. Because he is a big kid, he usually turns to sweet and fruity drinks. The punch is perfect to satisfy his desires.

Leo: a Cosmopolitan

For the Lion, a cocktail must be elegant, flashy and glamorous. For this specialist social evening, the Cosmopolitan is the cocktail that he needs! Not only is it a safe bet, but it also makes him feel like New York!

Virgin: a Spritz

Cocktail widely consumed in Italy, the Spritz is the ideal cocktail for an aperitif with friends on the terrace. Between bitterness and sweetness, it is perfectly suited to the perfectionist character of the sign of the Virgin.

Libra: a royal kir

For the queen of elegance, a cocktail is not worthy of the name if it does not contain bubbles. To satisfy the delicate temperament of the native of Libra, nothing better than a royal kir! The advantage? She can change syrup and flavours every time!

Scorpio: a Bloody mary

Endowed with a mysterious and enigmatic character, the Scorpion likes to surprise by opting for a unique cocktail: the Bloody mary! This salty cocktail based on vodka, lemon and tomato juice is not unanimous. No doubt because it is spicy, just like the temperament of Scorpio!

Sagittarius: a Piña colada

Rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream. It does not take more for our taste buds to travel. And that’s exactly what a Sagittarius looks for when he sips a cocktail. So go to the sun and board our Zodiac adventurer!

Capricorn: a Daiquiri

Conservative and a bit stern, the sign of Capricorn is attracted by classic cocktails and timeless. With its subtle notes and refreshing power, the Daïquiri is his best ally.

Aquarius: A Jägerbomb

Sign of all eccentricities, Aquarius likes to test many cocktails. His unconventional nature drives him to taste unusual flavours. The Jägerbomb is perfect for Aquarius. The good news? The Jägermeister is based on medicinal plants!

Pisces: a blue lagoon

Composed of vodka, gin, tequila, rum and orange liqueur, Blue Lagoon allows the fish to let go. He who usually low profile, opens more with this striking cocktail. But beware, consume with moderation not to drown in black ideas!



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