Bad luck in the game, luck in love. While things don’t really work out in other areas, the following four zodiac signs can look forward to a lot of love in the new week

New week, new (love) happiness!

Not only the lockdown paralyzes us, but the stars also are not particularly sparkling in the new week either. Even so, there are four zodiac signs that really cannot complain. Because they can look forward to an extra helping of love and romance.


The new week is all about love. Couples get closer, experience cozy and romantic hours for two, and feel closer than they have been for a long time. Singles, on the other hand, can experience butterflies and sweet excitement.


Everyone wants this super look, but the virgin has leased it for herself in the new week. Nice for her, because now she can enjoy to the full and bathe in affection, attention, and caresses.


Everything is just right in love. The partnership runs smoothly, Capricorns have a lot to laugh and chat with their loved ones. This is good for the relationship and gives confidence and strength for everything else.


Even with this zodiac sign, love goes well. While lockdown can depress the mind, love shows its carefree side. This is very good for people born in Pisces, they have a lot of energy and can hardly be stopped. Singles have a good chance of a great encounter.


Weekly horoscope This sign of the zodiac laughs the happiness of love

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