Week Horoscope: Full Moon in Pisces and Mercury and Venus leave the star sign Virgo! We’ll show you how the week will be for your zodiac sign! 🌕


Your weekly horoscope will send you some planets that you can now take action with! Jupiter is trine (Sagittarius) and gives you his cosmic energy. You’re flexible, dynamic and confident this week too. So you can go professionally the next steps, with which you can then give more gas soon. Although you are permanently plagued by duties, you still manage the stress in the end always. Mercury and Venus go into opposition at the weekend, from the Virgin to the Libra – which can be very convenient for you.

Our tip for you:

Thus, both are from Sunday to your zodiac ram in the zodiac opposite. The opposition should be a challenge for you that turns your thinking on its head. As a result, opposition from Venus can also lead to disputes, as your desire for harmony is not felt. But if you concentrate on communicating with yourselves and fighting for mutual understanding, then the opposition will give you wit and harmony. With Jupiter in the trine you should devote yourself to the larger issues of life on the weekend.


Your weekly horoscope sends you help along the way, but not for long! Venus, Mercury, Sun and Mars are all in your sign until next Saturday. From Sunday, the change is then completed and Mercury and Venus are from then on only in Libra zodiac sign. Therefore, you should still do much of your present powers, so you can relax afterwards. Neptune in s*xtile gives you new creative influence, a good time to unwind your soul.

Our tip for you:

Use the energy of the planets in Virgo, because through them you are still vital this week, full of assertiveness and eloquent. So try to change things that you can change, but learn that you do not pull down on things that are beyond your control. Your character is gold value, only you have to recognize that, so that your environment perceives you.


With your weekly horoscope, you can only expect support again on the weekend! Mercury and Venus are in conjunction and walk until Sunday together from the square (Virgin) in the related air sign Libra. But you have to be patient until then, because through Mercury, Venus, Mars and Sun in the Jungfrau you are exhausted faster, listless and everything is even more exhausting for you.

Our tip for you:

Try to find as much peace and quiet as possible this week, and above all, take targeted breaks to conquer your work or projects like milestones in stages! This will help you to keep the focus and then you can rest completely without guilt! With Mercury and Venus, you will be out again on Sunday, are harmonious and your thoughts are again orderly and fast on the way.


Your weekly horoscope has very good constellations ready for you even without planets in your sign. Mercury, Mars, Venus and the sun are still in the s*xtile (virgin) and give you stamina, a great sense of words and their effect on your counterpart, coupled with an increased need for harmony. In addition, the Neptune is still in the fish – that fits great! Neptune in the Trigon gives you additional sensitivity, with which you realize, how your environment really reacts to you and even, whether you do yourself wrong to your fellow human beings.

Our tip for you:

Pluto and Saturn in opposition are constrained by an increased sense of duty and responsibility. From the sheer things that await your environment from you, you feel quickly narrowed and looking for the most space. You should try to enter into yourself and with the extra sensitivity you will realize what you should do to facilitate your and the feelings of others. Mercury and Venus leave on Sunday the Virgin and walk in the balance, so you should adjust to misunderstandings.




Unfortunately, the weekly horoscope does not give you much luck. Uranus stands square in the bull and keeps making you a bit impatient. Jupiter in trine stands by your side and inspires you with good humor. No one can spoil your mood with Jupiter in trine! Take advantage of the great summer days, because Mercury and Venus walk at the end of the week in the sign Libra. With the s*xtile you can now wrap everyone around your finger.

Our tip for you:

Try to invest a lot of time this week in using your body and mind. Although you will never get bored in your life, on some days you may feel under-stressed and overwhelmed on other days. If you manage to fill your body with sport and your mind with spiritual conflict, then it can have a very balancing effect on you and even broaden your horizons!


As a virgin you can and should use the energies of the planets Mars, Sun, Mercury and Venus as much as possible! Because Mercury and Venus leave from Saturday your zodiac sign and walk to your neighbor sign Libra. Stay as active as possible! Pluto and Saturn are in a trine position in Capricorn, keeping you busy with duties that you are happy to devote to.

Our tip for you:

You are an active person and with Mars and Sun in your sign, this is just fanned. Unfortunately, Neptune in Opposition continues to create illusions that try to rob some of your driving power. Do not let Jupiter in Sagittarius take you too far, because through him you can lean to arrogance. Rely on your skills, but stay down to earth, then you will be able to do everything this week.


For the sign of the zodiac you have to keep your feet still and keep your fingers crossed. Thanks to Jupiter in your sign you are in a good mood, even if Pluto and Saturn took you with many duties. So rely on Jupiter in Sagittarius, who will bring you through the week in a good mood – and a pinch of luck. From Sunday, new and refreshing energies are available to you.

Our tip for you:

Mercury and Venus will be in your sign again on Sunday and inspire you in the weekly horoscope. You are eloquent, but also exudes a very attractive and beguiling charisma. You can now be very relaxed, your fellow human beings support you in all matters, as long as you dare to ask.


With Mars, the sun and until Saturday Venus and Mercury you get good support in this weekly horoscope! With diligence and energy, you are both productive at work and at home. Your otherwise quiet and mysterious way is solved and you open yourself to your environment! At the end of the week, Mercury and Venus leave your zodiac sign, but no need to worry: Saturday is the full moon and bears a pisces sign.

Our tip for you:

Neptune and the full moon combine harmoniously in the fish and stand in trine to your sign. You now have a very special sensitivity, you trust your abilities, but also in the leadership of higher powers. You should take care of your well-being this weekend, maybe you could spoil yourself with a visit to the spa!




Your weekly horoscope sends you with Venus, Sun, Mars and Mercury square no great companions to your side. They try to slow you down, weaken your assertiveness and you feel exhausted faster and you sometimes miss the right words. You are a very honest person and Jupiter in your mark will help you with the drive and your motivation, but you can quickly become very tactless and almost too honest for others.

Our tip for you:

The Neptune in the fish stands in the square to your mark and obscures now and then your perception and thereby your judgment can easily misjudge. With Jupiter in your sign, it becomes even more dangerous, since apart from the illusions of Neptune, you may be over-estimating. Try a lot of sports this week and plan your next adventure, just try to make sure you do not overburden yourself!


Your weekly horoscope will send you next to Uranus in Taurus (Trigon) also Mars, the sun and until Saturday Mercury and Venus in the Jungfrau (Trine) on the way. You can use this for you and do everything that is still on the screen with you. You feel well balanced, you are ready to go and prepared for every situation. Saturn and Pluto accompany you in your zodiac sign and give you extra stamina at work.

Our tip for you:

On Saturday, Mercury and Venus leave the maiden and go into the air sign Libra. The square has no good consequences for you the following week. But do not let that intimidate you, because this week you can still use the two planets to clean up conversations. Say everything that goes through your head, even if you are not the type for it otherwise. A conversation can sometimes work wonders.


With Jupiter in s*xtile you have a great helper to the side. Jupiter, astrologically also known as a benefactor, supports you this week, where he can and lightens your mood. You are easygoing, you see the beautiful things in life and also know exactly that you should take advantage of that. Uranus is standing in the square with you and is roughly the only one who triggers tensions. As a result, you feel the need to break out, but that can not be understood physically in your life, but also as a spiritual outburst.

Our tip for you:

The desire for freedom and exuberance is great, but just as great is your gratitude for the things and people you already have in your life and do not want to miss. Reflect on yourself and take a break, with a short break or a spontaneous getaway you can really do good to your soul!


With four planets Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury in the earth sign Virgo they face you in the horoscope and put you to the test. If you can concentrate your energies on your projects and dedicate themselves step by step to them, then you can thus find access to the energies of the opposition. Then you will be committed, purposeful and start the day with a lot of harmony. Neptune is also in your sign and supports you!

Our tip for you:

With your ruler planet Neptune in your sign (conjunction), you can be confident that you will do anything as long as you do not waste your daydreams. Neptune gives you a unique and sensitive sensibility in your sign. This allows you to perceive the different moods of the people in your environment. Almost like colours, you realize how negative some friends maybe. Try to change that, you can help if they let you help.

Could you recognize yourself this week? Write us your experiences like in the comments, maybe you can help other readers with it!


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