Others are happy to have you in their lives, Aquarius, because you are a very special person. Even if you are a little unpredictable and it is difficult for others to understand you, they still have many reasons not to be bored. When they least expect it, you arrive and surprise them with your ideas or your fun plans.

They may think you are an introvert, but deep down, you enjoy spending time with others and, above all, you enjoy sharing your life with people who know how to appreciate you. You have a very different mood from others and that is why people are happy when they have you in their life. Because they do things with you that they couldn’t do with anyone else.

With you, Aquarius, people can be who they want to be. You will never criticize anyone for being different because you know what it’s like to feel the weirdo of the place. You defend variety, you defend that people are the way they want to be. In addition, you like meeting people who do not follow trends or standards, people with a lot of personality. You grow up listening to the opinions of others and enjoy sharing your thoughts with the rest of the world.

People are happy to see you closed because they feel free with you. You are not one of those who depend on others or are always others because they need attention. You are not someone who overwhelms others with their dramas or problems. You are someone who always goes to his ball and lets others go to his too. It is not this friend who is always above you, asking you and crushing you with different movements. Not at all, what you really appreciate, Aquarius, is that people are present at important times and that they know how to respect your space.

People appreciate and love you because they always feel comfortable by your side. Because you have something, Aquarius, that makes everyone feel special when they’re close to you.


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