We do not say goodbye anymore.

We just stop responding to their messages or answer their calls.

We act as if we do not really know them when we see them, we behave like strangers, we pretend we did not hurt them, and we underestimate their pain. We are too selfish to consider their feelings, so we do not even say a kind word, we do not even give a warm hug and we do not even want to ask if they’re okay.

We distance ourselves, almost invisibly, so that they do not even try to reach us, so they do not try to ask for an end or to ask for anything. We see them and go the other way, so we do not even have to meet their eyes and see how they look at us. We do not want to remember that we are the reason for their sadness.

We say goodbye shortly after the welcome. We say goodbye before we get to know them better. We say goodbye before we understand it, and we say goodbye without even hearing what they have to say or how they feel.

We make this decision selfish, because that’s all we know. We say goodbye because we’ve found something better, something more exciting, something we want more, so we just drop people like tennis balls and easily replace them with others as long as we keep playing.

We say goodbye and do not expect anyone to get hurt because we have not promised anything, we owe them nothing, we deliberately kept everything loose and funny, so nobody takes anything seriously, or at least we tell ourselves that to ourselves to convince ourselves that we did not see it coming; that we did not get them to engage with us and then decided not to catch them.

We do not say goodbye anymore. We do not explain anything anymore.

We make no effort to ensure that the other person is okay. We just cut off. We make an appointment with the next person, we book another plane ticket, we leave the country and we make decisions without realizing that someone was waiting for us, that someone wanted to be part of our lives, someone wanted to plan their future with us,

We disappear and do not even look back and do not even try to come back. We go because leaving is cooler, leaving is stronger, leaving makes you a ruler, so we go on instead of staying and wondering why we end up alone or in unfulfilled relationships.

We no longer say goodbye, but rather want to be left alone. I do not want you. You are not worth my time. I’m not sorry I broke your heart because it never belonged to me.


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