Others are happy to have you in their lives, Cancer, for that big heart that you keep inside. You are love in person and people feel comfortable when they are around you. You have a heart filled with compassion, humility and kindness, Cancer, and thanks to you, many people have come forward. It is your kindness that makes people happy by your side. Always, Cancer, you always give more to others than even to yourself.

You are always there to help others, no matter what their needs are. It is this empathy that characterizes you so much that makes people happy to be by your side. You have so much heart that you do everything you can to put yourself on the skin of others and to feel what they are feeling.

In addition, your very precise and good intuition means that people come to you when they have a problem or when they need to make a decision. You are able to detect any problem with it. Even yourself, you are sometimes surprised by what you are able to discover and, better yet, it is always true.

People are happy to be by your side because they know that if they have any doubts, they can come to you because you are going to give them the best advice in the world. Your advice is extremely valuable to your intuition, Cancer, because you have a witch’s vein capable of going beyond and discovering things that no one imagines.

People are happy to have you with us, Cancer, because they know they will never feel hurt with you. You are so kind that you would never dare to hurt anyone. Yes, you don’t have hair for a fool, but you would never let anyone suffer because of you. They are happy to have such a pure and loving heart, to have someone who is ready to do anything for others, even those you do not even know. Having the closure, cancer, are all benefits and whoever has you, will know and can always prove it.


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