Others are happy to have you in their life, Taurus, for this confidence that you transmit from the first moment. The warmth you give off when you are close is worth admiring, Taurus. This security with which you walk, with which you move, with which you speak, means that others never want to leave your side. These hugs that you give in the worst moments that give hope in the life of your loved ones. Taurus, having you near you is a privilege. Having your loved ones means having honesty, loyalty and close friendship.

People are happy to have you in their lives for your precious advice and sincerity. You are a person who is not afraid to tell the truth, to say things as they are. When they ask for advice, you speak directly from your heart. Maybe your advice sometimes hurts you, but it hurts because it is a pure reality. They are in pain, but deep down, they are absolutely right in the world. They are in pain, but that is what we should all do. They are happy to have you in their life because they know they will never feel lost with you. And when they do, they can call you and help you find the perfect way to move forward.

You trust the person and the people who have you in your life know that they can count on you for anything. He knows perfectly well that any secret can trust you, that he can tell you everything because you are not going to tell anyone. You are one of those people who carries all the secrets to his grave, whatever they are. You would never want to let anyone down, let alone the people who love you.

You always offer loyalty and that is why people are happy to welcome you. Taurus, you are so committed that everyone wants you to stay with them as long as possible. With you, Taurus, people feel safe because they know you will always be there, no matter what the problem. Your arms are capable of saving anyone and are also capable of giving hugs that resuscitate any heart.


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