Others are glad to have you in their lives, Scorpio, because you are brutally honest. You hate lying with all your might and that’s why you try to be as honest as possible. People want to have you by their side because they know there will never belies with you. You always tell the truth and try to be as clear as possible. Because you are very transparent, Scorpio, everything that happens to you can be seen in your eyes.

You are one of those people who say what he feels and are not going to apologize. When you don’t feel like something, you say it. When you don’t like what you see, you open your mouth and let go of what you feel and that’s it. People are happy to have someone sincere in their life.

Best of all, Scorpio is that you are the best confidant you can have. With you, you can commit the greatest follies and share the darkest secrets. Whatever people tell you will be safe. Furthermore, you are a person who subscribes to anything, a person with whom you can do anything you can imagine and more.

You are brave and usually fear nothing. This is why people like to have you by their side. You have a very special madness and it attracts a lot, Scorpio, admit it. Others are amazed by everything you can do.

Apart from everything, Scorpio, you have a big heart. One of your missions in life is to protect the people you love, the one who is so important to you. Although people may believe that you have no heart and that you are full of evil, deep inside you, Scorpio, you care very much about taking care of your friendship and all your relationships. For you, your people are very important in your life and play a very important role in your heart.

Deep down, you are a very protective person who lives for and for his people. People are happy to have you close, Scorpio, because they know they will never suffer with you. You will always go ahead so that no one hurts those you love so much.


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