Others are happy to have you in their lives, Leo, because you are a fun personification. As a sign of fire, you are an ass agitated by nature and you must always be from here to there. You need adrenaline to live, you have to feel the risk in your blood to feel comfortable. And for this reason, you always propose different projects to your people, you are always on the move and you do not get bored when they are by your side.

You can’t bear to stop and get bored and you don’t want people to get bored or feel that spending time with you is not worth it. You always have a different plan to offer.

People are happy when they are by your side because you teach them to be positive. You are a person who transmits a lot of good vibrations and who attracts others a lot. You are positive by nature and are able to see the bright side, even in the worst of times. Lion, even in the moments when it seems that there is nothing good, you will seek the positive. Everyone who is by your side feels good and is happy to be able to welcome you.

You are joy in person, Lion, and it is appreciated. You always see the glass half full and force the people next to you to see it also half full. You are not someone who looks bad or holds a grudge. You do more than just move on and stay with the good that life has to offer.

But without a doubt, others are happy to see you shut down because you are sincere at all times. You speak from the heart, as you feel, as you say. And yes, you know perfectly well that for this reason there are times when you are mistaken and you would like to disappear for having said things that you should not. But people are happy to have you by their side because they know you can never lie or say something that you don’t feel. Because you will always be honest and say things without any filters.

If there’s something you don’t like, you say it and that’s it. You are not someone who keeps things, someone hypocrite who smiles and nods when something breaks out inside. You are not like that and that is why people want to be by your side. Because you are pure love, pure passion, pure adrenaline. Because with you, Lion, life is much easier.


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