Others are happy to have you in their lives, Capricorn, because you give them a lot of confidence. Despite being a very strong and even slightly introverted person, others still see you as someone you trust. Most people have a very bad image of you and when they realize it, they discover that you are really a person with a big heart.

When they really know you, they never want to leave you because you are transmitting very special heat and energy. Yes, Capricorn, with you people feel at home. They feel protected and very safe thanks to this warmth that you are always trying to give.

The best thing about being by your side, Capricorn, is that you are honest and, above all, a mature person. You always say things from the heart, exactly as you feel them. You’ve lived so long, you’ve had to go through so many bumps that your advice is still one of the most precious in the zodiac. You have very clear ideas and you know where you need to go.

People want to see you shut down because they know they need it anytime, they can come to you, and they know that with your advice, they will be able to solve any problem. People see you as their biggest confidant, like the person they can turn to, no matter what the problem.

Plus, Capricorn, things never go wrong with you. You are so smart that you always have a plan B in case things don’t go the way you imagine. Having said that, Capricorn, with you, people feel safe. Because they know that if something is wrong, you will do everything you can to change it and that nobody will end up badly. You like to take control of any situation and for this reason, you like to make people feel good when they are by your side. Capricorn, to close you, is a privilege. Having you close is enjoying life and your big heart.


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