Some dating rules are now outdated and can safely be thrown overboard. You can read about them here

Forget these dating rules!

When it comes to dating, we sometimes still follow rules that no longer correspond to social norms and gender roles. Some should be considered, such as the following four:

1. Don’t talk about politics on a date

Political issues are taboo at a rendezvous – they say. But why actually? After all, politics is an exciting topic and everyone has an opinion on current events (such as the US elections). In the worst case, you will find that you have completely different opinions. But this realization is also worth something, isn’t it? Arguing about difficult topics like politics, environmental issues, or religion, however, is out of place on a date.

2. Playing the unapproachable

Everyone has probably heard this tip from a friend (or give it themselves): “Let him fidget.” Whoever plays the unapproachable one is more appealing and more attractive and arouses the hunting instinct in men – this is the widespread assumption. We say: if you like someone, show that too. If you want to see someone again, say so too. If you want to reply to a text message immediately, do so. Playing games is kind of out of the way.


3. The man has to take the first step

We cannot fight for equality and then in some situations voluntarily beam ourselves back to the century before last. Why don’t we throw traditional gender roles overboard for good? Anyone can take the first step, regardless of gender.

4. You have Loved on the third date

You can really only shake your head about this dating rule. If two people want to sleep together, then they can do it – no matter how long they have known each other (Tinder sends his regards). But if two people aren’t ready for love, then so be it. And if someone wants to wait much longer with the bed stories, then he does not need to justify himself. romance doesn’t follow any rules, just passion.


Watch out! Those dating rules are out


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