Love. The most incredible and terrifying feeling of all.

The force that keeps us alive and at the same time tears us apart. At the same time the darkness and the sun.

But it’s love, and love is worth it.

It’s worth all the tears, all the pain, all the scars and all the memories that they are sweet or bitter.

Because love will always have a way to redeem itself.

One day, you will understand why all this should happen and you will understand that it was never the fault of the moment nor yours.

That it was a love that was not real.

What I’m trying to say is that we have to wait. Wait till it makes you fall from your feet and makes you turn your head.

Wait to understand why you had to go through hell.

Wait until you find someone who loves you, sleeps with you, wakes up with you, cries with you and laughs with you. A man who will fight like a dog for you.

Wait for the man who will not run away when things get tough.

Life is a bitch and she will never ask if it suits you to be hurt or not.

Life will be a drag on you, regardless of whether you can support it or not.

So, wait for the man who will protect you when life will put you to the test.

The man who will show you that whatever happens, he will always be there for you.

A man who will not walk away from you just because you have encountered a lump on the road, but who will carry you to cross it.

Wait for the man who will do you good. A man who will not give you only beautiful words and promises in the air.

A man who knows that gestures matter more than words.

And do not settle for less than that.

Never be satisfied with someone who gives you an ordinary love, because you deserve an extraordinary love.

You deserve someone who will make you look good.

Someone who will see all your faults and accept them. Someone who will love you for who you are, not just the idea of ​​you.

Wait for the man who will spoil you with his loyalty. Someone who will never let you fall asleep not knowing if you are good enough.

Someone who will make you feel like you’re the only woman in the world for him.

When you enter the room, it will only have eyes for you and a smile so bright that it will drive out all the darkness of the world.

And when you fall asleep in his arms, you will know that you are safe. You will know that you are in the right place.

Wait for the man who will respect you. A man who will never belittle you, neither your dreams nor your efforts just to feel better about himself.

Wait for someone who will respect your dreams and work with you to achieve them.

Someone who will respect your past and who will never make you think that you are less worthy because you are broken.

Someone who will see the strength behind the pain, the passion behind the walls and the storms behind the calm.

Wait for the man who will fight for you like a dog. A man who will fight all his fears for you.

A man who will not be afraid to fight yours too.

Someone who will show you that love is everything, that will show you that destiny still exists and that it is he who has brought you together.

Someone who will look at the pain right in the eyes and will tackle it for you. Someone who kisses your tears, not the cause.

Wait for the love that will bring down your walls and make you wonder why you put them up.

The love that will repair your broken heart and make it whole again. A love that would rather die than let someone hurt you.

A love that will fight hell, just so you can enjoy paradise.

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