Virgo This Is The Reason You Are Alone

Virgo This Is The Reason You Are Alone

It often happens that when we are alone we miss finding someone to love and who loves us… But our circumstances are not always what we imagine in our heads. Sometimes there is such chaos around us that it would be impossible for a normal person to walk beside us and keep up with us. The tales of princes and princesses are very good but in the end, the reality is quite another. If you’re really honest with yourself, you’ll know why you don’t have a partner yet. Virgo this is why you are alone:

Many tell you that you are too demanding Virgo but in reality, it is what it is. Now you are really demanding and you don’t care what the rest think. I repeat: it is what it is. And point.

If you are alone it is because you are not going to lower yourself to standards that you know are not yours, nor are you going to force yourself to be with someone who does not transmit what you want, who does not give you what you need. It is true that you are very critical and that sometimes you use this as a defense mechanism, and the rest, instead of fighting for you, prefer to run away out of fear.

Sometimes it’s hard for you to convey what you want and others get very confused, Virgo. You know that you are often too withering with your look, with your answers. You can send to hell very easily when something makes you feel bad and that… scares you.

In any case, it is also true that when you really find that person who stirs you a little inside, your character softens, but even so, you also continue behaving as if you had a frozen heart… You could give them a chance before kicking them out that look that kills right, Virgo?


Virgo This Is The Reason You Are Alone

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