Well they say that there are people who hurt you in the back and then ask you, what happened to you? Hypocrites tell them and, go they abound. The same you find them in your family, your partner, friends, at work. Virgo prefers honest distance than hypocritical closeness. And they are gods when it comes to disguising themselves, but Virgo has a radar to detect them and move away.

Virgo has the gift of detecting armor that is dressed in kindness, those people who come into your life pretending that they want and wish you the best, but in reality they enjoy each of your failures. They appear only to tell your life to the rest of the world and then they return as if nothing, as if they were souls who knew each other from another life. The intensity is part of his lie.

Virgo prefers honest distance than hypocritical closeness.

Fortunately, Virgo is an expert in paying attention to details, they are very meticulous when they open their feelings, so not everyone has the privilege of knowing their secrets. Virgo is so smart that he tells you exactly what you need to know, no more, no less, because his only goal is for you to convey the information he wants.

Virgo can’t stand hypocrites in his life , but his sophisticated side prevents him from being rude, so he’s able to stick around and listen to what you have to say, but he doesn’t really care. When a Virgo likes you it shows, in the way he speaks, in his gestures, in his closeness, Virgo is affectionate and dedicated.

When this is not the case, they only put up barriers, they are protecting themselves from your negativity, because they do not like to be involved in conflicts that alter their organization. Virgo is the best to give advice, but when it comes to hypocritical people, he prefers to remain silent. Because Virgo is not vindictive, let karma sooner or later do its thing.

Virgo does not like mental disorder , engaging in gossip games seems the worst waste of time, so he does not like to fall for provocations. Believe what you see, what you hear and not what other people say. Virgo detects when people are hypocritical because it is a very loyal sign, someone to whom you can tell your whole life and not worry.

He does not like drama, he likes to be in his circle, where he feels comfortable and happy, even if there are only three people. Virgo will always prefer quality over quantity. You can call them boring, but once they close the cycle there is no going back, they do not like to recycle loves, or friendships and, less if they are false.

Virgo is the most beautiful lock in the zodiac, the one that knows so much but says little. They are one of those who secretly love and secretly get angry. Virgo is someone who does not tire of improving, he is not perfect, but he works at it every day and is not willing to have someone with such little value come to take away his balance and peace.


Virgo Prefers Honest Distance Than Nearby Hypocrites

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