Scorpions are probably the most misunderstood and judged signs.

Their sarcastic, sometimes offensive, nature is counterproductive. In reality, it is only a defence mechanism to protect oneself.

Behind the hard armour of a Scorpion, there is a kind and caring person who feels things more deeply than anyone. Although it sounds stubborn and at times arrogant, the reality is that they are incredibly hard on themselves and want to excel in everything. He is stubborn and persistent. Being overconfident is the result of the fact that he has worked hard to get things done. Among all the signs are the most faithful. It will never be those who betray.

But if you go through a Scorpion’s anger or do something to hurt him, they don’t try to answer you, they take you out of their lives and you will feel their absence everywhere. It is this silence and the fact that they do not respond that hurts the most. They are the kind of people you take for granted and you don’t realize you have them by your side until you leave. And once you hurt them or betrayed their trust, the relationship will never be the same again because even if you forgive yourself, they will never forget what you did.

Their biggest flaws are jealousy and their inability to love carelessly. They are so careful with matters of the heart because they know what it means to be taken for granted and exploited. Even if at first they will test you, if you can overcome it and work to build their confidence, you will realize how much it is worth.

Once they trust you, all of their walls collapse and you will see vulnerability, sensitivity and understanding. It’s like they see through your heart who you really are. Their ability to understand people is one of their best traits, so if there is someone they have a bad impression on, even if they have no explanation, listen to them. They know when someone is wrong.

These are the types of people who are more mature than their age. They are dominant in relationships, but ultimately they are sensitive. And while it may seem like they like to control things and make good choices when you get the best of their hearts, you do control them. They will be the friend without whom you cannot imagine your life. They are the best at keeping secrets because they appreciate the fact that you say things, trust them and trust them. Again, the confidence is huge for the Scorpions.

The Scorpion has a bad reputation for anger. It is someone else’s inability to assess them by seeing their passion and the fact that they don’t stop until they get what they want.

When people say they are bad in relationships, it is because of someone who did not like them. But with the right relationships in their lives and their support, Scorpions outweigh all other signs.


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