romantic or emotional affair: which is actually worse?

Understand cheating: why love affairs defy all logic

Expectations of exclusivity and monogamy are widespread, but not always met in a marriage or long-term relationship.

If this expectation is not met, emotional damage can occur, including intense anger or feelings of anger. Some people feel a sense of betrayal and loss of trust in their partner while others lose a sense of personal trust and self-worth.

Many people have made an effort to distinguish between platonic friendships and betrayal. While friendship with the opposite love isn’t the deciding factor, it comes down to loyalty, deception, and betrayal.

There are different types of betrayal that can occur in a relationship. It is important to understand the differences so that one does not fall victim to one or more types of betrayal. It is also helpful to know the types in order to keep growing and working on your partnership.

There are two main categories of betrayal: physical and emotional. An affair is generally viewed as a secondary relationship that is a combination of types and may fall under both the main categories of physical and emotional betrayal. For example the combination of romantic and emotional or cyber and emotional affections.

Emotional betrayal:

Object affair: An object affair can be described as the pursuit of a superficial interest that can almost lead to obsession, where the interest leads to one’s relationship being neglected.

A healthy balance of superficial interests is perfectly fine, normal, and encouraged in a committed relationship. However, when one is so preoccupied with the object, or when interest is the top priority, problems arise.

By choosing interests that both partners can participate in, the object is more likely to bond the couple than it is to affect the relationship.

Cyber ​​affair: A cyber affair only takes place online. Abusing, texting, chatting, or video chatting in a romantic context without your partner is considered a cyber affair. Cyber ​​activities with your partner can be very healthy for a marriage.

Abusing with your partner can be great foreplay and also watching Adult content together. A wonderful way to keep in touch with your spouse throughout the day is by sending messages.

Emotional affair: An emotional affair occurs when a partner forms an emotional bond with someone other than their spouse. A lot of time can be spent communicating with that other person about very personal matters or making inside jokes with the non-partner.

Sharing problems, life dreams, and goals with someone other than your spouse or partner distracts attention from your relationship and is considered an emotional affair. Sharing the ups and downs of daily life with your significant other is vital to a successful relationship as it fosters closeness and partnership.

Physical betrayal:

Romantic affair: A romantic affair is when someone has romantic relations or intercourse outside of marriage and does not form a deep emotional bond with this love partner. Examples are one-night stands or going to a prostitute.

Healthy romantic life is an important aspect of marriage, and most people believe in monogamy or romantic exclusivity. Monogamy makes it possible to make the required trust tangible for the spouse.

What one person thinks is an affair or betrayal cannot be considered a betrayal by another person. Knowing what your spouse considers to be a betrayal is one of the keys to maintaining a vow of marriage. For example, one person might not view Adult content viewing as a fraud while another person may view it as betrayal and if they discover it they may find it inappropriate.


Understand the different types of betrayal

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