Unconditional love, what is it really?

Unconditional love is not just about having strong feelings for someone. In reality, it is much more complex than that! Unconditional love is loving for better and for worse. It is showing respect, support and trust, especially in difficult times. It’s easy to leave when the going gets tough, but someone who really loves you will choose to stay by your side.

Moreover, we very often see couples crumble when problems come to the surface. Financial, family or health problems are the first sources of separation for couples who claim to be in love. Yet it is in difficult times that true love can be recognized. Indeed, only couples who sincerely and unconditionally love each other survive tumultuous times.

It’s when your partner needs it the most that you need to be there for him or her. When your significant other loses a job, a close friend or has personal problems, that’s when he or she needs the most support and comfort. This is where true love comes in. If your significant other doesn’t leave you in the lurch and leave you to fend for yourself with your worries, you can be sure that he or she love you unconditionally.

Unconditional love & presence in all trials

To love someone unconditionally is to be by their side when they can’t get out of bed in the morning. It is to listen to him carefully and to be his support and his shoulder to cry on. You must be his emotional lifeline. In difficult times, you are the only person who inspires your partner to keep fighting and moving forward.

If you’ve figured this out and are ready to be that person, you truly love them unconditionally. Yeah ! This means that you also accept his flaws as part of his personality. You are not trying to change him or her, but you are constantly pushing him or her to surpass themselves. Its success and success do not scare you because you see it as if it were your own.

You don’t care if he or she gained a few pounds. Her inner beauty is far more important to you. Besides, whatever the hardship he or she is going through, you are always there to help. it can be just listening but if you need to get more involved you are ready for that too. You are not afraid of changes because you know that as long as you are together you can face anything.

So the loss of a job, the lack of motivation, the depression, the doubts do not lead you to question the love you feel for your partner. On the contrary… You have the impression that each ordeal you go through together strengthens your bonds and your spiritual and emotional connection. And, even if at the moment your other half does not love himself very much, you can love him for two. And, if that ain’t love, then…

Even if your partner does or says things that drive you completely insane, you accept him or her as he or she is because you love his or her true nature and true personality, in its totality. hanging around? It doesn’t matter… She doesn’t know how to cook? Too bad… You accept its good and its bad sides (of course, as long as it remains within the limits of reason).

We are not talking about abuse or violence here. This kind of toxic relationship is not good for anyone and no one should accept such behavior, even in the name of love. Besides, is there really love in an unhealthy relationship? Or, is it more of an obsession and a need for control?

Apart from that, you are really ready to accept all his little flaws because they form a perfect whole for you. When a couple loves each other unconditionally, they are well aware that neither partner is perfect. Both of these people know that at some point, one or the other is going to do something to jeopardize your relationship. But, they also know that it won’t be too serious and that they can forgive each other their little mistakes because a life where they are not together does not deserve to be lived, in their eyes.

Fight for her unconditional love

The two unconditionally in love partners fight to make their relationship work. They want to be happy together and they are ready for all the compromises and sacrifices necessary to keep their couple afloat. They want to grow old together because they know they will still love the same in ten, fifteen or thirty years.

Unconditional love is choosing the same partner every day even though there are hundreds of other options. Your half then becomes the only person you see and desire and you absolutely do not want to have anyone else by your side. Finally, it is to love his or her partner from the inside, his pure and sincere soul.

Unconditional love is respecting the other and never taking them for granted. It’s understanding that you need to take care of each other on a daily basis and not tell yourself that since he or she loves you, he or she will stay with you no matter what. Communication and trust are also essential elements of this love.

Being able to talk about your problems or any relationship issues you have is essential if you want your romantic relationship to survive. You must therefore listen, learn and share in order to understand each other’s needs and expectations. And, to be able to answer them!

Trust is of course just as important because you must be able to establish a sincere and open relationship, without big secrets that could endanger your relationship. People who love each other unconditionally are loyal and respectful of their partner. They’re not going to flirt profusely or talk badly about their significant other.

To put it simply, the partners behave with each other as they would like their better half to behave with them. They know that to receive, they must give. To be loved, they must love. To be respected, they must be respected. And, so on… A couple who are unconditionally in love know that a relationship is built on the efforts of two people. On their ability to compromise and work together to build their future.

But beware ! Unconditional love does not mean that both partners lose each other in their relationship. Each of them remains who he or she is but makes the conscious effort to work on his or her flaws in order to live a happier and more fulfilled romantic relationship. In this kind of love, the partners are still two separate entities, they have simply decided that what they feel for each other is worth putting their egos aside.

Unconditional love, what is it really

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