Toxic Relationships: 9 Ways Your Body Rejects A Partner Who Isn’t Good For You

Even if you don’t want to face it, here’s the truth. You may have already decided that your partner is perfect for certain reasons, but there are a few signals that will show you’re wrong. 

Your body won’t let you deny the truth: if you’re with the wrong person, emotional distress will start to rear its ugly face, and it’s going to be all over your body. 

Here are 9 ways your body will reject a partner who isn’t good for you:

1. You lack natural moisture

This should be a surefire sign that you’re not feeling connected to your partner. If you don’t get wet before the love act, even though you’re both trying to engage in foreplay, it means you don’t feel fully comfortable with your partner.

For some women, dryness is just a medical condition, but if you’re young, perfectly healthy, and have the right partner, after a good amount of foreplay you should be ready.

2. You can’t sleep well next to your partner

In order to fall asleep, you need to feel completely relaxed and nourished. But your body won’t feel nourished if you share your bed with a partner who doesn’t fully understand you and doesn’t connect with you or care for you in the way you need to.

A general sense of well-being is essential to falling asleep, but restful sleep is simply impossible with the wrong partner.

3. You experience a lot of anxiety

If you’ve never struggled with anxiety before but suddenly find yourself dealing with it on a regular basis, it may be because of your partner. It’s a way your body reacts when you have tons of negative thoughts or concerns without addressing them. For example, thoughts that you and your partner have very different views on this crucial issue. 

You may think that your partner doesn’t seem to care about their career. And all of this weighs on you inside. Unresolved problems can pile you up and come out in a vast, obscure cloud of anxiety.

4. You get constipated

There is an important connection between your brain and your gastrointestinal tract. When something is emotionally wrong or you are stressed, your bowels don’t move as they should and you can become constipated.

It’s also a sign that your body is rejecting the partner you’re with because it’s not good for you.

5. You are tired all the time, even when you sleep

Even if you get enough sleep, you feel tired all the time. That’s no wonder. You have to deal with indecisive thoughts all day long.

You may be thinking about how you can build a future with this partner and that gives you a stomach ache because you know inside that it won’t be easy. The right partner gives you energy – the wrong one sucks the energy out of your body, so you always feel tired and exhausted.

6. You have shortness of breath or suffer from shortness of breath

Sometimes shortness of breath can happen completely randomly, for example when you’re exercising or stressed for some reason. Anxiety can also be accompanied by shortness of breath or shortness of breath. However, sometimes shortness of breath can be a signal from the body telling us to slow down, especially if we’ve rushed into a new relationship.

When people rush into new relationships before fully recovering from previous relationships, they may experience this shortness of breath or a certain tightness in their chest. It’s like their emotions are trapped in their hearts.

If you find that the shortness of breath isn’t getting better and you’re feeling overwhelmed inside, consider stepping away from your partner to release the accumulated energy.

7. You can’t have an orgasm with him

Just as you need to feel relaxed, at peace, and connected to your partner in order to create a healthy environment with your partner, you also need all of these components to climax. No matter how good he is in bed, there is no one quite as good as a man to that you feel deeply connected. And if it doesn’t, your body won’t respond the way you want it to.

If you’re struggling with uncontrollable tremors around your partner, it could mean that at that moment your body is going into fight or flight mode and the adrenaline is making you tremble. But that’s not a mode your body should go into when you’re with your partner. You should be able to trust him and feel safe.

8. You don’t feel like doing sports

When you’re with the wrong partner, you’re not motivated to be your best self, and it’s often the first thing you lose. Your willingness to work on your body will wear off very quickly and you’ll feel like you want to lie in bed all day.

9. Your wounds heal more slowly

Research has shown that those recovering from an injury or infection who are in a good emotional state heal faster than those in a negative emotional state. Because of this, a toxic partner or a partner who puts you in a bad overall emotional state will slow your physical wounds to heal.

If this is the case for you, it could be another indication that the partner you have by your side is not the right one for you.


Toxic Relationships: 9 Ways Your Body Rejects A Partner Who Isn't Good For You

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