Top Of The Zodiac Signs Are Self-Centric


Top Of The Zodiac Signs Are Self-Centric

You deserve good things when you start focusing on yourself, your goals, your peace of mind, and all that makes your soul happy. However, there are times when your ego takes control and you forget about everything, all you want is to satisfy your needs and make the world roll. Come on, we all have those egotistical moments, but some zodiac signs more than others. That is why in this top you will realize how much you lose in the clouds when life begins to smile excessively at you.

12.- Pisces

Regardless of who they may be, Pisces is the zodiac sign that embraces humility in an incredible way. The truth is that his love for himself is not at odds with his empathy, his intention is to shine without stepping on the side. It is difficult enough to deal with the many thoughts that visit her mind to still focus on what others are doing. Sometimes, he even forgets his own earrings, because all he wants is to help the one he loves. Pisces has the courage to smile for others, but it also breaks when the pain of others is present.

11.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a person who gets carried away a lot by energy, if someone is not to his liking, he will not hesitate to tell him up front that he does not agree with his way of thinking. Sometimes that is hurtful for some, especially I am talking about those who do not know how to deal with such honesty. In those cases, Sagittarius is decisive, but from there to him being a self-centered person there is a huge distance. On the contrary, he is very noble, he likes to take care of the people he loves and will do anything in his power to see them smile. There may be times when he doesn’t want to listen to anyone, like everyone, he doesn’t always feel like dealing with people, but that doesn’t mean he thinks he’s superior.

10.- Libra

It’s true, Libra is a vain sign, they enjoy looking good and have the ability to applaud their own achievements. Precisely because it has taken him many years of work, to accept her self-esteem and put himself ahead of everything. It wasn’t easy, but she has learned that there is nothing wrong with praise and that it is worth it when you recognize your effort. He likes to feel loved and for this reason he tries to be the same with others. Libra, is the friend who will remind you that you are capable of achieving everything you set your mind to, the one who will give you a hand when you need it. Libra, has a unique heart, the ego does not have much space in his life, because his empathy kills him in seconds.

9.- Gemini

A sign that has already gotten used to its bad reputation, they talk so much about Geminis that there comes a point where they are even interested in the new character or action that they are going to add to their story. The truth is that he neither comes nor goes, he learned a long time ago not to wear himself out for people who aren’t worth it. The people who really know and appreciate him know that he is a very kind sign, he does not let his ego take control of the situation, especially when he is so changeable. He slips everything, all he wants is to live in the moment and get away from toxic people. It is a sign that has the gift of sharing, it carries the charm in the depths of his soul.

8.- Cancer

A little ego never hurt anyone. Come on, I’d be lying if Cancer hasn’t been carried away by superiority from time to time. Like everyone, he has moments in which all he wants is to contemplate his brilliance because only he knows how much it has cost him to win the battle of all the tests that life has given him. It is a demanding sign, when someone does not give him the place he deserves, he simply leaves. However, more than ego, it is about reciprocity, knowing that the other cares about you and that you do not have to validate what you do all the time and stop doing it. If for people to set limits and leave a place where they do not feel loved, it is synonymous with ego. Go ahead, think about what you want.

7.- Taurus

The first impression that a Taurus gives is that he is the most self-centered being in the world because he always has his head in one of his activities. He really enjoys perfection and when he feels that things are not going his way, stress and anxiety take over his days. However, he’s just thorough, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about the feelings of those around him. Taurus, is a bit cold, but that has nothing to do with his humility, he is the type of person who is capable of putting his hands in the fire for the people he loves. He only strives to have a better world, that everything he works for is worth it, and they don’t have to crucify him for that. If Taurus gets to the top he won’t forget those who helped him.

6.- Capricorn

Read well, Capricorn is not a submissive sign, he is used to things being done from the truth, he hates abuse and he does not intend to remain silent. His decisive character can make him look like a self-centered person, however, his intention is only to help. It is the sign that treats you the same way you treat him, do not expect him to receive you with flowers and it is not arrogance, he has learned to give himself his place. The problem is that he doesn’t really involve feelings, he says things in such a cold way that the other person may feel offended. I’m sorry, but Capricorn knows who he is and the place he deserves, he’s not going to deal with people who only subtract him.

5.- Aries

Well, we are already entering the part of the signs that are not even a bit afraid of showing their egocentric side. What’s more, they have grown so fond of him that they use it to his advantage, somehow he becomes an inspiration not to let his guard down when things get difficult. Aries is one of them, he enjoys looking good from head to toe, and of course, he moves heaven, sea, and earth, to fulfill everything that comes to mind. He knows that he is a very valuable person and for this reason, he does not let someone with a bad vibe be part of his days. Aries fights with everything that is in his path, if someone is a stone in his path, he pushes it aside. He is not here to save anyone, it is hard to avoid sinking to deal with other people’s burdens.

4. Virgo

It is no secret to anyone that Virgo enjoys admiration, but not more than their own recognition. He really applauds himself when he deserves it because he is a very demanding sign and no mistake is forgiven. He celebrates his triumphs to the four winds because he has had to fight his demons and not everyone does that. Sometimes, he can last hours talking about his achievements, but his intention is not to make anyone feel inferior, it’s just that he internally congratulates himself and accepts that it hasn’t been easy, but the important thing is that he never gives up. . It is a very intelligent sign, for no reason would he highlight something that he does not consider valuable. Virgo knows that behind every success there is a story and it deserves to be told. If others are bothered by his brightness, it is his problem.

3.- Aquarius

Yes, it is the independent sign, the one that is not afraid of being alone for long periods of time and knows that its company is more than enough to be happy. People say it’s ego, however, he understood the meaning of life, because in the end we got here alone and we have to learn to love each other without needing someone not to say it all the time. Aquarius has the gift of separating emotions, which often makes him look like the bad guy in the story and the one who only thinks of him. But who will put it in the first place? Self-love begins with oneself, motivating, being inspired, and working hard for what he wants is only the beginning of everything beautiful that life can smile at him. If someone feels offended, it’s wrong, because Aquarius competes with itself.

2.- Scorpio

If Scorpio is clear about something, it is that flying requires too much effort, sacrifices, and a desire to be better. They say that his ego is dangerous, as much as the thirst for revenge that many speak of and that lives inside him. However, it is an emotional sign that you have learned that you cannot trust just anyone who smiles at you. Scorpio doesn’t think twice, if he has to contradict someone he does. He doesn’t care about the consequences, because his objectives are very clear. It is possible that there are times when he takes people who are not to blame for anything, so it is best to stay out of his way. Scorpios do not damage by nature, it only does it when they break it too much or by accident. His rhythm is very strong, not everyone tolerates it.

1.- Leo

Oh please, did anyone doubt that Leo was going to have first place? Come on, it’s a sign that he’s used to being first in everything, his leadership instinct opens doors for him and he likes it. It is a sign that he trusts his qualities and that he does not intend to minimize them just so that others do not feel bad. Leo, he’s no savior, so his self-esteem isn’t at stake. If he has to be the center of attention, he will be. In fact, most of the time he doesn’t even look for it, but then he ends up getting the looks he didn’t ask for. That’s Leo, he’s used to competition, to making an effort, to demonstrating his abilities. It’s hard enough that his ego doesn’t show up all the time, but he’s not destructive either. He has a humble side capable of shaking hands even with his enemy because he wants a fair fight.

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