Top Of The Signs With Highest To Less Self-love


Top Of The Signs With Highest To Less Self-love

Everyone talks about the beautiful part of finding yourself, putting yourself as a priority in everything, and not allowing anyone to humiliate you. Yes, it seems easy, but few dare to talk about the process, how hard it is to face your fears, and what you don’t want to do, but end up doing. Fighting against the ghosts of the past is synonymous with tears, many times you want to give up and better stay with what is comfortable, that which you no longer know and does not make you happy. It costs a lot, but each zodiac sign experiences it in its own way. This is the  top of the signs with greater to less self-esteem:

1.- Leo 

People have no idea how hard it took you to get to first place, Leo. You weren’t always a happy person with yourself. There were times when your insecurities became your worst enemy and you left many projects unfinished. However, you have learned to love yourself, to trust your intuition, your intelligence, and each of your abilities. You can tell, in the way you smile, when it comes to setting limits and not settling for anyone’s little time. You like to demand because you know very well that you are not here to deal with mediocre hearts. 

2.- Sagittarius 

Blessed be the day you promised yourself that you would achieve each of the crazy thoughts that visit your head. You are a sign that would rather let go a thousand times than get hooked on negative people. There have been many years of work, in which you did everything to accept your body, mind, and spirit. Now, you know that it is much more important to listen to your desires than to try to get the approval of others. You are an adventurous and brave soul, you no longer think of making yourself small just to enter the hearts of beings that do not benefit you at all. Your versatility never lets go and that’s a relief because life is like that, it changes overnight. 

3.- Aries 

Always ready to go against the tide and not by choice, because you know that there are people who live with bitterness and do not rest until they become a stone in your path. You are an extremely brave being, you are not afraid of taking charge of anything, on the contrary, you enjoy when you have the power of everything. Your self-love is felt from a distance, it is very genuine, and you do not need to pretend that everything is fine. You know that there are times when you feel like everything and others when your world falls apart. The important thing is that you have learned not to give up, your passion knows no limits and you love breaking with convention. It is no coincidence that things turn out well for you. 

4.- Scorpio  

Do you know what helps you the most to maintain self-love? Your transparency, you are such a reckless sign when it comes to saying what you feel, that your enemies prefer to be far away, Scorpio. You don’t mince words about anything and you have the gift of always finding something positive in things. You like when you learn and also when you have to unlearn, you are not perfect, and accepting it increases your humility. You know that your self-love has become the breath you need in the worst moments because in the end you only have yourself and your own hand is the one that lifts you up. It’s hard when people want to see you fall, but your confidence is able to ignore them. 

5.- Aquarius  

Superficiality gives you hives, you really hate realizing that there are people who only go through life with masks pretending that everything is perfect. You are not like that, Aquarius, your personality may be the most complex in the world, but in your words and actions, there is no lie. Every day you strive to understand what is happening to you and you work very hard to find the best solution. You don’t care if they call you weird, just because your mind always wants more and you’re not willing to become just another puppet in the crowd. Your self love would never allow it. 

6.- Taurus 

Fortunately, your best presentation is the strength that you have in your eyes. You are always prepared for whatever comes and war is not something that scares you at all. The fact is that as characters have appeared in your story, you have learned great lessons and you no longer want to let your guard down for someone who does not deserve it. Each of your cracks has made you wiser, more intuitive, and more determined. You can fall a thousand times, but something is very clear to you, you are not going to stay on the ground for anything. It has taken you a long time to understand that you are your most important project, but since you did, the smile on your face has not left. 

7.- Gemini 

The truth is that you have a complicated relationship with this self-love thing. Come on, it’s not that you don’t love yourself, you know you’re not going to allow yourself to become anyone’s victim, but there are times when your changing side takes control of everything and you break. It is not easy to deal with your insecurities, they are quite cruel and they make you believe that you are not going to achieve what you set out to do. You have understood that it is very painful when someone fails you, but at the same time, you learn too much. Every day you fight against the silhouette you see in the mirror. There are good days and bad days, the important thing is that you don’t give up. You’re doing it right. 

8.- Capricorn 

You have two very clear sides to your Capricorn personality. There is your safe part, the one that develops like a fish in water when it comes to working. And it is that you are very meticulous, your perfectionist side invites you to shine in everything. However, what makes you feel a little fearful is everything that has to do with your emotions. The moment you feel your heart begin to shake, you want to run away and take refuge in work. Sometimes all you need is a push, to realize that life is a risk and it’s not worth it if you resist loving. If you’re afraid you’re going to attract cruel hearts, trust so that the right one arrives. 

9.- Pisces 

You can’t help it, dreams live inside you, the desire to put a sweet touch on everything that happens in your life. You like to be there for the people you love, and neither money nor time weighs on you, as long as your action improves the life of the other, you feel satisfied. The bad thing is that by being aware of them you forget about yourself. Your self-love has been in the background for so long and it’s hard because if you realized how much you’re worth your days would change in the blink of an eye. Pisces, sometimes you just need to give yourself the compassion you give others. You know that you are not fragile, but it is not fair that you live stressed by issues that do not correspond to you. You deserve a break and you know it, don’t hurt yourself. 

10.- Libra 

How complicated is the weight that Libra carries on his shoulders people assume that he is the most balanced of the zodiac when many times he does not even know what to do with his life. It’s hard because he has to analyze everything meticulously and then he regrets it. The moment in which he makes decisions is crucial, he forgets his self-respect and mistrusts even his breathing. Libra is often left at the bottom of your list. He is more concerned with contributing to others’ needs being met than with his own. It’s not fair Libra, stop giving and giving, you’re breaking and you know it. Stop it! 

11. Virgo 

Sometimes it’s very angry that your perfectionist side is so stubborn and will do whatever it takes to take over your actions. It is the shadow of your self-love because when you trust that you are moving forward correctly, it makes you doubt everything and everyone. It’s like you have a little voice saying you’re not enough. Something in you tells you that things are going to go wrong and that’s when you collapse. You hate not controlling your emotions, because you don’t want to be seen as a weak person. Virgo , the people who really love you do not need explanations for anything, you are getting involved with those who are not. Flees! 

12.- Cancer 

Let’s see, it’s not that you don’t love yourself. Of course, you value your walk, but your emotional side prevents you from staying in a calm state all the time. It’s very annoying when you feel great in the morning and by mid-afternoon, you’re already angry about something. You are not one of those who pretend, you can tell when something upsets you, and feeling that way makes your motivation disappear. With you nothing is minimal, if someone makes a bad face at you, a cruel comment, or is simply distant, you realize it at first and your intuition does not lie to you. Cancer, do not let the attitude of others bring you down, you are worth much more than your downturns make you believe. 

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