Top Of The Signs That Love With The Soul Is Still Being Broken

The truth is that when it comes to love you never know, the same is your turn to savor victory than to end up watching a lot of romantic movies while crying as if a piece of your heart had been ripped out. I know, many of us have been there, but we only have to assume the tragic outcome and turn the page, even if it means fighting against our depressive side. Staying with the learning is the best thing you can do because if you get hooked, you will be closing the doors to love. The signs of the zodiac know that a deep breath and wiping the tears are all that remains. That is why today I share with you the top of the signs that love with the soul even when broken, starting with the bravest:

1.- Aries 

Hardly someone removes you from the Aries throne, because your reckless personality, strong character, and the desire you have to live every moment, are key for you to move forward. For you, life is the best of schools and you have understood that you are not always going to get the best grades. You are a sign that even though you have experienced betrayal, lies, and disappointment, you tie up your feelings and let go. It is not that you are delusional, it is just that you are not going to let a bad love ruin your future, so, if your heart wants to beat a thousand an hour again, you are not going to limit it. It is so, if you no longer have a solution, clean the slate. You have learned that ties are not always for life, but what you have experienced no one can take away from you, cheers!

2.- Cancer  

Yes, you are the one who does not play games, the one who does the impossible for his partner. Without a doubt, your middle name should be unconditional. However, the loves of the past have not always paid you well, on the contrary, you have had to experience firsthand what it feels like to be attacked from behind. There is a part of you that breaks, becomes fearful and you no longer open the doors to anyone. However, you have learned that the problem is not with you. That is, you have flaws, like everyone else, but giving love is never a mistake. You are the bravest proof of that because you have wounds that you remember with sighs, but that does not mean that you harm those who come into your life. You are dedicated, you know that there is always a new opportunity, that your black list of past loves does not define you, and that sooner or later the person who is worthwhile will arrive.

3.- Leo  

Leo, you are brave, determined, intense. You are able to wipe the tears from your soul, those that nobody sees, those that appear in the middle of the night, while you try to keep silence in your room. However, when you fall in love you enjoy it to the fullest, you do not want anything or anyone to stain what you have. On the contrary, you shout it from the rooftops, you do not care about envy, because you are used to the fact that you will not have the approval of everyone. You enjoy showing off to your partner and you look so happy that you don’t even seem like you have multiple scars full of pain. What matters to you is complicity with your partner, you value it so much that that’s why you don’t let go of any moment. The past has taught you that it is best to enjoy as if there was no tomorrow and that if someone finally wants to go, go ahead, you will no longer beg.

4.- Scorpio 

At the top of the signs that love with the soul even when broken, Scorpio, you are at number 4. The truth is that you already lost count of all those times when you ended up hurting until dawn. Yes, you have a chicken heart, full of goodness, love, and emotions that change like a whirlwind. Scorpio, you have fallen in love from the gut, and many times you have wanted to throw in the towel. However, you are a very smart person to throw your love life away, at least not for someone who hurt you. You are no longer the same Scorpio who desperately clung to a bad love, you will no longer put your dignity at risk. Now it’s you, the one who wants to change his story, the one who got tired of cruel characters. You have learned that there are relationships that only teach you not to repeat the same mistakes. But your present is not going to let go and if someone moves the floor is welcome.

5.- Taurus 

Yes, you may not be the most romantic being on the planet, let’s say you have your peculiar way of showing love and that’s fine. However, your stubborn part helps you too much when it comes to setting limits because you don’t get hooked. You may cry, but deep down you know that in the end, you will be okay. You do not believe much that time heals everything, rather you believe that it is about yourself, taking the emotional reins of your life. Realizing that things are not always going to turn out the way you want and is fine. Life is like that, unpredictable, no matter how much you plan, it surprises you. It is beautiful, because when you least think someone special appears, someone who does not make fun of your wounds, who understands that a part of you is broken, but that you have the courage to continue loving, and that is the most admirable thing there is.

6.- Sagittarius 

Let’s toast to those heartbroken nights, to the times you felt your heart leap out of your chest. Let’s toast you Sagittarius because you are living proof that love exists, that it can be broken, but it will always win. What you like is to flow, you have such a spontaneous way of loving that it is difficult for you to sink into sadness. You know that when one door closes, many more are on the way. You are not in a hurry, you do not want to force any ties that end badly. So, when you say goodbye to someone you focus on yourself, on your freedom, on happy people, those who fill you with life, those who give you hope. You have learned that life takes many turns and you keep beautiful so that the bad does not become a shadow in your way.

7.- Gemini 

Gemini, you don’t want a fairy tale love, you don’t want to fall into the fantasy of living happily ever after. Over the years you have learned that there are loves that are already written, that they are not for life, but it is enough to investigate a little to realize the enormous lesson that they leave you. It is with that that you stay, with the sensitivities that it came to touch, and that somehow made you come back to yourself. They made you wonder if you were really in the right place. Sometimes the cycles end but it takes us a while to realize it, and that’s when it hurts. Gemini, you know it very well, that’s why you live so rapturous, not wanting anything and enjoying the other person. You are broken, but you are not afraid of love, because that is you, and someone will come who does not make excuses for loving each other.

8.- Aquarius 

Aquarius, for a moment you came to believe that this love thing simply had not been done for your sign, well, you have had hard disappointments, which have been the reason why you set limits before they want to fall in love. There is a part of you that is very protective, that does not want to know anything about ties, but deep down you know that it is only your fear, it scares you to end up suffering again. Slow steps but you try, because you have a passionate side that does not give up, that knows that there are noble hearts capable of adding more colors to your soul. Now, you learned that self-love comes first, that whoever comes into your life must enrich you in every way, you no longer plan to settle for leftovers or run after someone who doesn’t know what they want. Your scars remind you of that every day.

9.- Virgo

Virgo, it is simple, you do not tolerate betrayal at all, lies make you knot your stomach and the idea of ​​being with a person who normalizes them terrifies you. No, you are no longer to deceive yourself, you are no longer going to make an effort to adorn the personality of someone who is not worth a bit. Now, you are going to work hard for what you want and what you deserve. It may take more work to give yourself up after you break up, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be alone forever. It’s just that you want to coolly analyze the terrain before getting into it. You know what they say, the vase after breaking will not be the same again, but .. it can have another color, you can give life to the cracks, you can see it from another perspective. That is what happens when you think of love. You know that there is a possibility that they will fail you again, the difference is that now you know when to leave.

10.- Capricorn 

Did someone say love again? Because Capricorn is hiding in that corner. It is in number 10 of the top of the signs that love with the soul even when broken. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, it’s not that you no longer want to know anything about love, but… let’s say that it already costs you twice as much to trust people. You are such a loyal and faithful person that it hurts twice as much when they do not respect the commitment of a relationship. Now, you do not give yourself up until you know the person fully, you want to be sure that you are with someone who will be a nice plus in your life, you do not want to get excited or nervous, for someone who is only going to steal your energy. You do not care if they call you demanding, now you are first, you have learned that as long as your self-esteem is stable and your dignity marks your steps, everything will simply be fine. You are stronger, with injuries, but they will not break you as before.

11.- Pisces  

People speak, criticize, assume. He believes that because Pisces is sweet, it is synonymous with that he is going to let them break it over and over again. How wrong they are because the fact that they fall in love again does not mean that they will melt in the arms of that person. There is a part of them that trusts again, but there is also their restless side, the one that has to find out every detail before surrendering to love. It is a sign that honors generosity, but it is more resilient than you think. Pisces, you have had to stitch up your own wounds from the past, stick with the lessons, and move on. It’s not that he no longer believes, it’s just that he decided that caution would become his best company. People say that he is broken, I would say that he has already reached emotional maturity.

12.- Libra 

The last one in the top of the signs that love with the soul even when broken, could it be that he really lost all hope regarding love? The truth is that no, only that it can no longer be put on a silver platter. Libra, he learned to take his place, and fortunately, that will no longer change. It is still the kind, sweet, passionate sign, it is still Libra. But he is no longer going to allow anyone to take advantage of his heart. Make no mistake, he doesn’t want revenge, he’s not hurt, he’s loving himself a lot and that doesn’t compare to anything. You do not need anyone, if you decide to share your days with a person, it is because you really love them and the moment you decide to turn the page, you do. He is no longer dependent, now he repeats himself every day in front of the mirror how much he is worth. Maybe for you, it is ego, but for Libra, it is a lot of self-love, self-love that I have long needed.


Top Of The Signs That Love With The Soul Is Still Being Broken

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