Top Of The Signs That Are Going To Stay Single Because Of Their Bad Genius

Top Of The Signs That Are Going To Stay Single Because Of Their Bad Genius

It is not to exaggerate, but there are people who without their bad temper would simply lose their charm. They are the ones who stand firm no matter who the other person is. They do not feel the need to look good with anyone, on the contrary, they love to show themselves without a filter and that those who do not tolerate it disappear from their days. This is the top of the signs that they are going to stay single because of their bad temper,  because few can deal with their drastic mood swings. This top makes it clear that we all have our moments, but there are those who were formed three times when they distributed the bad temper:

1.- Taurus 

Who will be left alone? A Taurus does not care, prefers thousand times refuge in solitude, to be in bad company. It is a sign that most of the time he is calm, as long as you do not interfere with his way of seeing life, nothing happens. But woe to the one who awakens the anger that sleeps in a little corner of his heart, because there he will meet the devil himself. Nobody escapes from Taurus, if you did something to him, you pay him. He is unaware of any rules in the game, his goal is for you to feel a bit of his despair, period. It is clear that most couples cannot deal with someone like that, but who said that Taurus wants someone like that? Not at all, he’ll just sit with his arms crossed, until he meets the person he does have an affinity for. For now, he does not care if he is nicknamed ‘Don corajes’.

2.- Capricorn 

In the number two position of the top of the signs that are going to stay single because of their bad temper is nothing less than the perfection of Capricorn. It is curious because it is a sign that most of the time prefers not to involve emotions, because he hates to put himself on a silver tray so that the other will damage him at will. But, because he has a face of few friends, he does. When something bothers him it is noticeable in every gesture, the way in which he joins his eyebrows, the high tone of his voice, the look that seems to take you down in seconds. This is Capricorn, a soul so transparent that he does not intend to make an effort to fake a smile, because what he wants is to make it clear that he feels uncomfortable and that there is no reason to put his feelings in the background. His relatives say that he should lower two lines, but he does not care, he is not going to make up his way of being just to look good with someone.

3.- Scorpio 

If all you want is to fill Scorpio’s mind with nonsense, you better go your way. They say that it is a complicated sign, that it is not conquered by anyone and the truth is that it is not willing to settle for the first one who knocks on its door. He prefers to make it clear that he does not want to be disturbed, because he hates having his intelligence tested. You never know what is behind an intense gaze, a quiet soul and that tolerance about to explode. Scorpio is allergic to people who have no trade or profit. He does not want to be filled with that attitude and prefers to receive it with his bad temper, so that they move away. He’s not a bad person, he just doesn’t want you in his life and doesn’t feel the need to pretend otherwise. His rapid breathing forgets about spirituality and just wants you to leave.

4.- Leo 

A Leo the idea of being single does not put it to shake even a little bit, because they know that everyone has to like, obviously not everyone has a good taste and understands. So, you do not plan to change just to attract more people, on the contrary, you firmly believe that everything in life happens for something and if someone is part of your love list it was already written. They say that Leo has a character of a thousand demons, but the reality is that he is extremely proud this is where his apparent bad temper lives, because he does not leave anyone and does not allow them to see him defeated. Sometimes, he prefers to be the villain of the movie, before giving the signal that they can get to play with their hearts at any time they want. If you want to know the sweet side of Leo, you have to be special to him, otherwise good luck.

5.- Cancer

Blessed is the person who makes Cancer trust again after a bad love. The truth is that it is one of the sweetest, most dedicated and intense signs of the zodiac. When she loves, she does it in such a beautiful and genuine way that it repairs you. His love is what teaches you to give everything and when you think that you can no longer, it reminds you of what you are worth and everything you can achieve. But … he has the Moon on his side, so his whirlwind of emotions can also make you cry. A wounded Cancer holds a lot of resentments that end up hurting those who are not at fault. Its discharge is devastating, like a hurricane, it does not want to really hurt, but it seeks to clean, a new opportunity to make life. This is Cancer and is not afraid of being single.

6.- Aries

If there is someone who knows that life is not to take away, it is to eat here, without a doubt we are talking about Aries. A sign of the zodiac that carries perseverance in its soul, that dares, that sees no limits anywhere and that when it sets out to be a beast, it is. That is Aries, the sign that carries so many emotions that it does not know what to do with so much. Do not take it personally, it does not seek to harm anyone, it is just that bad experiences have made it distrustful and fearful, that is why they prefer to activate their shell. Aries is the one who does not know how to hide his temper, when he gets angry he does it for real and even for the smallest thing. With Aries, do not apply that of innocent jokes, because you do not know with what humor you are going to find it. Seriously, you don’t want to see it explode.

7.- Gemini

Deep down, Gemini knows that dealing with their mood swings is pretty messed up. Come on, they even get frustrated by not understanding each other . There is something about them that just gets out of hand, they get enraged and ignore everyone who gets in their way. Geminis try to hide it, but there are people who flatly do not cooperate, who turn a stone in their shoes and all they want to do is bother until they see them completely unbalanced. Hence, it shouldn’t surprise you if from one minute to the next he ends up hating you. It is a very intelligent sign and knows how to hit your weaker side, so do not suffocate it or you will know the worst of its sides. The good thing is that his courage is gradually diminishing, but when he realizes he has already scared more than one.

8.- Pisces

We are entering the field of those who control their character very well, but … there are people who have such a silly attitude that it awakens their darker side. Pisces usually live life lightly, without getting hooked on anything and always helping those who need it most. But, there are times when he gets tired, when being available 24 hours a day becomes exhausting and that’s when he applies sarcasm to silence whoever is in front of him. He is so smart that if you try to challenge him he has already beaten you ten times before. Behind that sweet, empathetic and caring personality, you can also hide a capricious, rebellious and quite contested being, better not put it to the test.

9.- Virgo  

Well, Virgo is that person who catches you with his tenderness, but with a bad character. It is quite annoying for him to have to fake good vibes all the time, as if that were the reality. It is a sign that prefers to see things from the logical and practical side, so it locks up its emotions and dedicates itself to achieving its goals. That for many may be synonymous with a bad temper, but it is not like that, it is their way of being. For Virgo to really lose control you need to tease him intensely, because usually the way he defends himself is with indifference. That is to say, their intellectual capacity is superior, they cannot be lowered to the level of people who do not have emotional intelligence. Sorry, but someone had to say it.

10.- Sagittarius 

Angry Sagittarius? Let’s say that does not come naturally to him, he prefers a thousand times to have a hippie attitude before losing his temper over something that is not worth it. In fact, it is very rare that you notice when the bad temper is present in their days, because they are experts at changing the chip of pessimism. Sagittarius values ​​life so much that they do not easily let bitterness take over their moments. When you feel like you can’t take it anymore and that courage begins to run through your body, you look for a way to channel it. He does not want arguments, so the best thing is to take refuge in a hobby, go for a run, do some sport, everything that allows him to feel that peace. The least he wants is resentments, because he knows that in the end it is he who swallows them.

11.- Libra

In the penultimate place of the top of the signs that are going to stay single because of their bad temper we have Libra. Let it be clear that if he is still single, it is not because of his temper. Perhaps for other reasons, but the truth is that he has a very relaxed character and sometimes prefers to keep certain details to himself before losing control. It is not that he accepts that he is treated with the tip of the foot, he knows how to set limits in a civilized way, but if you do not respect him outright, what he will do is remove you from his life without thinking for a single moment. Libra wants stability, to have the feeling that he is enjoying the day next to the people he loves,but he knows that things are not always going to go his way and that’s when he shows his resilience and learns to let go. That’s Libra, the one who won’t let your bad vibe ruin his. So throw your poison elsewhere.

12.- Aquarius 

It’s simple, Aquarius knows no grudges. They may fill their mouths by saying that they have no feelings, that they are not committed and what a heart that touches, a heart that breaks. But it is a sign that he knows what he wants and does not intend to be unfaithful to his own wishes, just to please others. He’s so laid-back that he doesn’t waste time with absurd anger. Aquarius has so much to do on his mind that the least he is looking for is a distraction. He is the one who connects with the roots, with nature, with everything that makes his heart vibrate, he will not invest energy to wish evil on anyone.If you make him angry, it may last a while with the feeling, but it will pass and he will let karma be the one who decides the place of each one, that simple. If that’s why you deserve to be called cold, go ahead, you may not care about the opinion of others.


Top Of The Signs That Are Going To Stay Single Because Of Their Bad Genius

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