Top Of The Signs That Are Going To End Up Being Friends With Their Ex

End Up Being Friends With Their Ex

Top Of The Signs That Are Going To End Up Being Friends With Their Ex

The eternal thin line that appears after putting an end to a relationship. There are those who end up throwing pans, and clothes in the garage and arguing over custody of the dog. It is not easy to say goodbye to love, it does not matter if the flame was already out, the habit always weighs more. There comes a time when you remember your ex even in the soup, you miss him so much and you would not doubt that his relationship will go from being a tragic end to a true friendship, will it be? Well, there are signs of the zodiac that have enough emotional maturity to turn the page, but they are not willing to remove that person from their life. Each zodiac sign does it its own way. This is the top of the signs that are going to end up being friends with his ex:

1.- Gemini 

Who has the number one spot in this top of the signs that are going to end up being friends with their ex, is none other than the charming Gemini. Come on, this does not mean that it does not close cycles, it is just that it is a sign that has the ability to say goodbye and open the doors for a friendship. Of course, this is not overnight, Gemini, it takes a couple of months to heal the wound, and then think about being friends. It is a very carefree sign, it does not get hooked and it does not as that recycling loves. If the relationship ended in a good way, she doesn’t see anything wrong with it but doesn’t get your hopes up because her kindness has nothing to do with a new opportunity. Gemini does not want to enter a toxic relationship, in which they are nothing and do everything. Forget it, that doesn’t go with her style of love.

2.- Libra 

Without a doubt, one of the best signs you can have as an ex is Libra. I’m not saying this to brag, he really does have a very peaceful and empathetic way of saying goodbye. Your goal is for both hearts to be damaged as little as possible. If you were someone who left beautiful traces in her soul, without a doubt, she will not let you go easily. You have to know that he needs some good time alone, to analyze everything thoroughly, and if after the wounds are completely healed, you are interested in continuing to be a part of his life, he will probably let you in. Libra does not know grudges, she keeps the good, but she does not force herself to be in a place where she does not want to be. As long as you respect that where there was a fire there are no longer any remains of ashes, they will have no problem supporting you when you need it most. As a friend, a Libra is always worth having.

3.- Sagittarius 

The advantage of Sagittarius in terms of relationships is that it is a very docile sign, there comes a point where it simply understands that ending chapters is part of living and that it is best to keep all the good that that person left in your life. life. No matter the past, he leaves it there with no hope of anything else. In general, Sagittarius is one of the couples who create very strong bonds of friendship, before being lovers they were great accomplices and therefore analyze if it is worth recovering that. Nothing more than a small detail, if yours was something stormy, make the rules very clear. If you are going to have a friendship it is to support each other, not to add drama to your lives. The moment her ex starts having toxic behaviors, jealousy, and scenes out of place, she just misses out on everything. Sagittarius, she is not for that.

4.- Aquarius  

Live and let live, that is the motto that accompanies Aquarius at every step. People can point it out, they can say that they don’t have the courage to close ties, but in reality, Aquarius leaves long before announcing the official breakup. It is a very sensitive sign, when something is not working you perceive it beforehand and prefer to leave on time, rather than end up hating the other person. What he wants is for each one to follow their path in the best way, and if after a while life brings them together again, more at peace, then it is very likely that the friendship will remain. Do not try to see the face of an Aquarius, pretending that you only want to be his friend, when your intention is to become the shadow that does not want him to be happy with anyone else. Don’t do it, because at first, he takes you out of his life.

5.- Cancer 

There is something that for Cancer is sacred, emotions. It is a subject that he treats with tweezers because he is terrified of becoming the person he hurts. If Cancer ends a relationship, it is because he is sure that there really is no future, because he is not one of the signs that throw away everything they built overnight. It is important that his decision is respected and that he is given the opportunity to grieve deeply. Everything may be complicated at first, but after a while, you will regain the desire to move forward. When Cancer sees you as more than just an ex, there’s a chance you’ll still be a part of their life. It is a sign that makes connections at the family level and that is untouchable for Cancer. If he considers you to be part of his family, he will be with you through thick and thin, no matter what.

6.- Pisces 

Fortunately, Pisces has the gift of immersing themselves in their own world when things go wrong. That is to say, there are moments in which he fights the pain with his creativity, by writing, singing, dancing, or simply being. It’s not that breakups don’t hurt him, he’s very sensitive and he’s going to have a hard time. However, in the end, she knows that it is not forever and that she has come out of worse. It is an intense sign, she cannot erase feelings overnight, but as much as she melts to be by your side, she is not going to beg you. In the same way that she surrenders, she also leaves. Perhaps it is more difficult for him to think about the possibility of being friends with his ex, but if that person is really worth it, he can meditate on it.

7.- Taurus 

At the top of the signs that are going to end up being friends with your ex, we are already entering the signs that do not see much point in being friends with your ex. Taurus is one of them, a tough, determined sign and when they break it, they don’t intend to continue giving weapons so they do it again. Also, he remembers his stubborn side of him, once he gets an idea into his head there’s nothing to change his mind. Even as time passes and he feels more relaxed, he wants nothing to do with his ex. Don’t call him spiteful, but he doesn’t plan to have ties to people who are no longer part of his life. Taurus, when he closes a door, he does it well, with the desire to start from scratch and give a new love a chance. He’s sorry, but Taurus doesn’t want any ghosts in his future. It is already quite complicated to start something to still continue seeing the ex.

8.- Scorpio

Did someone say friendship with an ex? Because Scorpio is the first to run. For you, continuing to be friends with the ex is synonymous with not getting over the breakup, so you do not plan to fall into something like that. You may even still be in love, but that is not a sufficient argument to put your self-esteem and dignity at risk. Scorpio, doesn’t even want to see his ex in the painting, he thinks it’s most toxic to maintain the bond, and besides, he doesn’t see anything good in it. Let’s say that he already finds it difficult to deal with his old friends, enough to still have to find a way to treat an ex as a friend. Scorpio, when a relationship ends, wants stability, to have the feeling that little by little everything is falling into place. By continuing to see his ex, he feels that he has not made any progress.

9. Leo 

The truth is that when Leo cuts the thread of love, he no longer sees the point in trying to tie it up. For this sign of deciding to put an end to a relationship, it is because he has already analyzed the pros and cons in a very deep way. Leo likes to build genuine, long-term bonds, so if it doesn’t work anymore, it’s no. It is not easy to say goodbye, but he prefers to suffer for a couple of months than to live next to a love with whom he cannot achieve satisfaction. She not only does it out of pride but also because it hurts her. Each story for Leo has its good and bad points, but he does not plan to live on memories. In the long run that will only affect his mental, emotional and physical health. Forced ties lead nowhere and if Leo feels uncomfortable it’s a bad sign. If they try, that supposed friendship can end up hurting twice as much as the relationship hurt. So that? Leo occupies number 9 of the top of the signs that are going to end up being friends with his ex for something…

10.- Aries 

Like oil and water, so is the relationship between Aries and their ex. The truth is that he does not intend to fall into the game of friendship. If a relationship ends, that’s it, that clinging to continue seeing each other seems to him the most insane thing in the world. Aries respects that there are people who were able to overcome the stage of the ex, but he is not going to get hooked on what others do. Aries is very determined and battle-hardened, he may be writhing in pain, but that’s not reason enough to keep having his ex on his friend list. In addition, he has a very passionate side, the idea that someone he was attracted to continues to have a close bond with him does not seem very good. Not to mention that he does not tolerate ties, that is, if the ex starts wanting to mark the ground or make scenes of jealousy, he would not tolerate it.

11.- Virgo 

I hope it is clear why Virgo is not one of those who return to the past or takes a breath. Once he decides not to be part of his circle, you have to understand that for Virgo there is only everything or nothing, he doesn’t want anything halfway. Virgo is very meticulous with his relationships, he stays with people who really fill him with peace. What Virgo hates most is living with uncertainty. He doesn’t want to have to confront his own feelings, wondering if what he feels for his ex is friendship or if he still loves him. That seems to him the most exhausting since life is hard enough to still decide to live an ordeal by choice. I’m sorry, but that’s not going to happen in the life of a Virgo. If he was part of your story, I hope you took advantage of it, because there will be no other chance.

12.- Capricorn 

An ex shouldn’t even think about being friends, I’m dead serious. The last in this top of the signs that are going to end up being friends with his ex is Capricorn. Capri shares the idea because he sees it as falling off an emotional cliff, there really isn’t an advantage to staying friends. For starters, if there was a situation where he was hurt, it’s virtually impossible for him to forget it. Capricorn really keeps in his memory every last detail that hurt him. Plus, he doesn’t want to have to deal with an ex’s outbursts, much less fall for this idea that he loves you, but not enough to come back. Capricorn prefers to save himself that kind of worry. What’s more, the less he knows about his ex, the better for him. His heart takes time to heal, so he doesn’t plan on getting confused with anything. For you Capri that is synonymous with a lack of courage, someone who deep down is not willing to let go.

Top Of The Signs That Are Going To End Up Being Friends With Their Ex

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