Top Of The Signs From The Cutest To The Most Terrific

Top Of The Signs From The Cutest To The Most Terrific

Although try to hide it in the background, everyone has a dark side, the one that few like, the one that shows insecurities, flaws, and tantrums. The one who often has no sense of humor or desire to say a single word. It is easy to fall in love with beauty, but immaturity, the cruel side, and stubbornness are for the brave. Yes, there are signs of the zodiac that are more tender, but that terrifying side lives in everyone, simply, some show it more than others. This is the top of the most tender signs to the most terrifying:

1.- Cancer 

Really, you are a very sweet sign, love drains from your pores, and you would be incapable of hurting someone. Even when they have broken your heart, you may lose control at the time, but then with serenity, you understand that revenge is for those who do not love and you do not intend to carry anyone’s negativity. You do things in the name of love and you won’t regret it. 

2.- Virgo 

Although you are often labeled as a distant person, the truth is that you have a very sweet side. Virgo, you like it when they implicitly give you the role of protector, being at the foot of the canyon for the people you love soothes your soul. Also, betrayal doesn’t work with you, you’re not the type of person who talks behind anyone’s back. Your morals are above all that, your heart is strong, but not naive.

3.- Taurus  

Definitely, inside you lives a dark soul with whom you have already made peace and you love it. It’s not that you’re cruel all the time, but after dealing with such mean people, you understood that it’s best to take your nails out once in a while. It is not that you are terrifying, simply, you have learned to set limits and you do not intend to change your way of seeing life.

4.- Leo 

The reason you feel very comfortable in this world is that you are not afraid of what comes next. Somehow, you are very aware that time is running out and that is why you take advantage of every second that you are here. Negative people don’t scare you, on the contrary, you detect them and throw them out of your life. What comes out of your mouth is often poison, better take care of yourself and not provoke yourself.

5.- Pisces    

The best of the lessons that are learned in this life, is not to judge someone by their appearance. Pisces, you are a very strong sign and that has nothing to do with your sensitivity. You may be very tender with the people you value, but you are not afraid of adrenaline, you like it when your heartbeat is put to the test. If someone hurts the one you love, he is going to find your creepiest side. 

6.- Libra 

You are the type of sign that does not run away from energies, you respect them. Libra, you love to find the positive side even in the darkest of this life. That’s why you get lost in all the unknown, unproven, but people are curious. Theories excite you and make your imagination tremble. You are definitely more careful with living than with ghosts.  

7.- Gemini

Most people put their barriers up when it comes to dark things because they are not comfortable in the midst of uncertainty. However, you see it as an opportunity, the way you can go further, no matter what. Dark stories don’t petrify you, they intrigue you. Your level of intelligence and intellect is higher than making yourself small for that kind of thing.

8.- Scorpio 

A minute of silence for all those crazy things that have crossed your mind, but you don’t tell anyone. It’s not that you’re insensitive, it’s just that you’re not afraid of thinking about the wrong thing. From time to time you enjoy control because in scary situations you are able to remain calm without listening to complaints. You are compassionate, but also cold, depending on who you are dealing with. 

9.- Aquarius 

You like suspense, you love not knowing what can happen. You are usually a very determined person, you do not bend easily in situations that the rest do and that is precisely what attracts them. When they are with you, you provide shelter, but at the same time you love knowing that there are minds as crazy as you, hanging around out there, people who are not afraid of anything.

10.- Sagittarius 

The alarming moves you because it is a way in which you can get out of what you already know. You don’t like to sit idly by in anything, you always go for more. Let’s say tenderness doesn’t speak for you all the time, but when you do, you fall in love. You have a side as sweet as it is terrifying and that becomes a magnet for many. People admire your duality, but they also fear it.

11.- Aries  

If there is something that you are very clear about in this life, Aries, it is that everyone has demons that they do not talk about, but you really enjoy inciting them to do so. You like to discover the unloving side of other people because you associate it with courage, someone who is able to show himself without hypocrisy wins your attention. It is law, the shady side, and the friendly side, they are the key to finding balance. 

12.- Capricorn 

Finally, you are the sign that loves horror, I don’t just mean movies or books, you like to see the world burn from time to time. Especially when it comes to people who hurt you. Let’s see, it’s not that you go around with revenge ahead of you, but you are patient and when they least expect it, you give them a little of their own medicine. You are not moved by false regrets. 

Top Of The Signs From The Cutest To The Most Terrific

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