Trusting others is one of the keys to creating happy and healthy relationships, but sometimes after many disappointments and betrayals, it is quite difficult to take that step again. Having the ability to trust others is a very important part of our lives, it is something that gives us security since we can rely on certain people to strengthen relationships of any kind. Trust is something like the glue of our family, work or any other kind of relationship.


We all know that the first thing we do when we meet a person is to assess whether they can be trusted or not, it is possible that many doubts appear, especially if we have had bad experiences, and that is when the situation becomes even more complicated than normal.

Here are the six signs that have more problems when trusting others:


Cancer is always dying to be loved again, that is why, despite the serious problems he has to trust others, he continues to put some faith in all those people who end up approaching in one way or another.

Every time he creates a new relationship, due to these insecurities towards others, there is always a tug of war within himself, a want but not. One of its parts is extremely excited to see what the future of this new relationship holds and is hoping that everything will be fine, that everything will go smoothly, but there is another part of it that suspects and hopes that everything ends in a disaster, like all your previous relationships, whatever the type of relationship.

Cancer is tired of being harmed, it seems to be the perfect target of all the petty people that exist in this world, wants some stability in his life, wants people to treat him well and who they can trust, because Cancer, It may be all you want, but nobody is yours.


It is very likely that with Scorpio everything seems like games and fun, it seems that they have no interest in getting some stability in their life, but all this is because they are trying to make the party last as long as possible to avoid commitment.

He is not used to having to share all his feelings with other people. He does not want to deal with that of giving the heart to another person, he does not enter his life goal, that of giving the power to hurt him when the other person wants, he does not like a hair. Because of all this, it may seem too cold and calculating, but believe me that it does not make sense, it is only very cautious, they do not need to have a bad time and less if it is for someone who does not deserve or be in his life.

It is very difficult for Scorpio to trust others, but if the person deserves it, he will gain absolute confidence, but he will not be anyone since for this Scorpio is a very selective person, he will not trust anyone if what you want It is to gain the confidence of Scorpio, be yourself from the first moment, so it will not take surprises.



Although Virgo is one of the safest and most confident signs of himself, he has a very bad habit, which is to compare himself to the world around him, this makes him see that not everyone is like him. Not everyone is as loyal as Virgo, perhaps, it is that others prefer to reserve loyalty for those who deserve it, Virgo gives it to everyone who crosses paths with him, but trusting them is another story because seen, you can not trust even your own shadow.

When he is interested in someone, he is always very attentive to his competition, that is, if he has noticed that certain person who has competitors because he does not notice anyone, he does not trust anyone and is always on the alert in case someone tries get in your way.

A defect of Virgo is that since he knows that he cannot trust anyone when he is in a relationship he does not enjoy it to the fullest, because he is not comfortable. He is always counting the days left for this torture to end.


Aquarius has enough problems to trust others and has no problem admitting it, from the first moment he will make it very clear, he does not trust people too much, for him this world is full of evil, very few are saved, he knows that these people also exist, but it is very difficult to find them.

When you are in a couple, open and let them know how you feel every day, let your partners experience all their feelings, surrender to the fullest, but when jealousy appears, bad. Aquarius has already warned that he was very distrustful, but calm because he will not lose his temper, he will sit down and treat the situation in the most mature way possible, although it may seem surprising to you, Aquarius in these matters is quite sensible.

It is true that, although Aquarius has problems of trust towards others, he will never let them affect or get in the way of creating a healthy relationship with someone who really cares, that never, knows very well how to remove the toxic, does not go to allow a relationship to end and less for third parties.


Capricorn is a normally successful and fair person, does not support injustices, is something he can with him. Capri will do everything possible to create a fair world, but this will not be easy, because he does not trust others too much and if he does not trust, how will he create a just world? At some point you will have to remove that barrier and trust yourself, not everyone lies.

He is a person who seems that nothing scares him, but deep down he is afraid, his biggest fear is a disappointment. Look that he always thinks he knows people well, but for one thing or another, in the end, they always end up disappointing him, maybe Capri does well not to trust him since he always ends up suffering.

This distrust is one of the reasons he is always busy and working hard, because he knows that it is something that only depends on him, and he will never disappoint himself, he will always fight for his goals until he achieves them.


Aries is one of the safest signs of themselves, but that does not mean that they trust others equally, this happens because they have suffered over time, those damages have created great traumas that have closed their hearts, Aries He is not able to overcome them too easily, it is something that has marked him and this makes him feel frustrated because sometimes incredible people appear, and he does not have enough strength to know them thoroughly.

Sometimes he pretends to fool people, so he makes them believe that he doesn’t have any feelings so that they don’t get close, he is too afraid to be hurt again. He would not take another blow, he needs some peace of mind in his life, he wants love, but he doesn’t see himself with the strength to give that person confidence.

In addition, this distrust of others makes Aries not worry about others and this can cause serious problems with the people around him because they will not feel protected by him, but what they do not know is that Aries needs his time, he needs something to wake up in him to be able to trust again.