Top 5 Signs That Will Break Aries’ Heart

Break Aries' Heart

Top 5 Signs That Will Break Aries’ Heart

How to look up again? Aries deposited all his hopes, he trusted that they would build a beautiful relationship, however, he realized very late that he was only for a while. That person made her believe that she fell at her feet, but when he needed her most he stood out for her absence. It became a vicious circle, in which he settled for little love, receiving a ‘hello’ and then going crazy not knowing where he was. Aries didn’t put up a barrier overnight, there is a story behind it. A story in which a sign from the following list surely broke your heart.

The most frustrating thing of all is that the heart is foolish, despite feeling the cracks, it clings because it does not understand reasons. Aries promised himself not to be in that situation again, in which he was only an escape valve, someone with whom they shared the leftovers of their time. It hurt her a lot to take a step back, embrace her own love for herself, and start over. Therefore, she already thinks twice before letting in the following signs:

1.- Leo

There is no way to deny it, when Leo and Aries are together the energy surpasses everything, they are both crazy and intense, and they are not afraid of what life has planned for them. They are spontaneous, they were born to follow their instincts and not to follow orders. Mental chemistry goes further, they can communicate without saying a single word. Their conversations take them into the early hours of the morning and they share the same sense of humor. Sounds perfect right? That’s what Aries also believed, until…

They realized that what they had in common was not enough. They are both impulsive, they go against the clock and refuse to give in to what they already have structured. In addition, they have a selfish part that does not listen to anyone. They love to be the center of attention and are not afraid of competition. That’s why it’s hard for them to agree, their egos can destroy beautiful love and turn it into hell.

2.- Aries

The mirror game can be very cruel, that is, two people who share the same sign and very similar personalities, it is a double-edged sword. At first, falling in love engulfs them, when they put their interests, values ​​, and customs on the table, they claim to have found their other half. One motivates the other to achieve the desired successTheir days become fun and full of laughter and they love to add a touch of adrenaline to everything they do. The memories that live are forever.

However, once the flame of love goes out, difficulties begin. Their emotions are put to the test, as it is difficult for them to share what they feel and that causes them to distance themselves little by little. They are both very proud, they refuse to accept that they are having a bad time until finally everything they once dreamed of falls apart.

3.- Capricorn

A love for the daring, for those who are not afraid to test what shakes their minds and hearts. When Aries falls in love with Capricorn, she knows that he has to let his guard down a little, because his personalities are totally opposite. Aries is the adventurer, who doesn’t like to think and just goes with the flow. While Capricorn prefers structure, he is very responsible, and when instability affects his routine he prefers to leave. What unites them most is trust, Aries can open up with Capricorn because he knows that he respects his heart.

However, there comes a point where Aries gets bored, he doesn’t like Capricorn bossing him around and asking him to change. Aries feels that he is beginning to cut his wings and he doesn’t like that, it hurts him, but he knows that if he stays his life will be gray and he better leave.

4.- Gemini

What Aries hates most is meeting hearts that have no idea what they want in life, but in the meantime, they hurt someone who does want a lasting bond. Aries is a very honest sign and is not afraid of the consequences of his actions, he takes the bull by the horns. What does not happen with Gemini, who prefers to live today without worrying about tomorrow? Furthermore, he tends to tell white lies and Aries does not forgive him for that.

The physical attraction they have is unmatched, but love, caresses, and emotions are not enough, because their way of seeing life is the one that shocks the most. In particular, it is very difficult for Aries to completely trust Gemini, his disappearances end up tearing him to pieces.

5.- Scorpio

There are people who dare to love and others who break with everything established, such is the case of Aries and Scorpio. Theirs is a coin toss from the first moment, but they let themselves be carried away by the emotions of the moment. They really enjoy the first contact, a romance that seems forbidden, but no. The two promise each other eternal love and that does not mean that they are liars, they simply let their hearts guide them. Unfortunately…

What they don’t imagine is that after some time together all that flare turns against them and that’s when they start to feel very frustrated, because they are stubborn and don’t keep quiet or have subtlety when it comes to saying things. Little by little their days are filled with resentment until there is nothing between the two.

And who broke your heart?

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