Everyone at some time in his life has felt that his head is going too fast, that in thousandths of a second it becomes a tornado and he will not be able to stop it. On the one hand, it is great to have millions of ideas, since in this world people with creativity are needed to do things, but often it is also a sign of anxiety since many people cannot stop thinking. Having thousands of thoughts today is almost normal because of the pace that forces us to go to society, but there are people who think more than normal. Here we show you the top 5 of the signs that do not stop giving thousands of turns to the head …



Gemini is an air sign, and as such it has an unusual mind. Love everything that has to do with exchanging ideas and learning new things. This makes Gemini on many occasions overstimulate. When a Gemini has too many things on his head he tends to get too tense. Their heads cannot stop thinking and they have too many open thoughts that have not yet closed in conditions.

Gemini, most of the time he is surprised by everything that can happen to his mind. He doesn’t stop spinning until he finds a solution for everything he thinks. When their minds are on the verge of saturation, they enter a state of pure nervousness which prevents them from catching up. For Gemini, all this can be harmful to your health. The best thing Gemini can do is try to reduce the speed at which you think, although it will not be an easy task.


Aries is a person who usually has all his time busy. His schedules are complete and organized since he is a person who has many tasks. This is because he loves to squeeze himself to see how far he can go and he loves to squeeze everything around him to flood himself with knowledge. It is for all this that Aries when she has a moment to relax, rather than relax, is stressed. You can’t stop still either he/she nor your mind, you need activity at any time.

Despite everything, Aries is a person who fits everything very well, thinking about so many things at once makes him see things from many different perspectives. Aries is very used to having to fight with his mind, so much that it has become a habit. Aries is a person who tends to have a fairly fast pace of life, which is reflected in all his thoughts.



Libra, is known for being a person too calm, but what very few know is the nervousness they have inside. That nervousness is given by the millions of ideas that go through your head. Libra loves peace, balance, and tranquility, but her mind doesn’t let them get that pack. Libra is a very indecisive person and will give things a thousand turns before making a decision. In case they have thousands of things on their minds, but they don’t let them go out because of that continuous indecision.

This may bring Libra down the path of bitterness, but he knows that he has no solution. As much as you try, you will always be going around thousands of things that maybe for others are not so important, but for him/her they are. Libra is up to the noses of being rushed to be decided. Libra needs his time to make the right decision and will take it, if they want to wait well and if they don’t know the way.


Aquarius is one of the most independent people of the zodiac, so it makes him in most situations alone. This makes the mind of Aquarius go to a thousand per hour, not because he wants to but because it is necessary. In wanting to be independent, he has always had to seek life and has had to find the best way to do it. To find it, he has no choice but to soak up knowledge and be as insightful as it could have been.

On many occasions, Aquarius will be presented with ideas that lead him to question whether it really is worth being so independent. But Aquarius in the background knows how important it is for him/her to seek that moment of solitude to connect with oneself. That way you will find the answer to many ideas that had been on your mind for a long time. In addition, Aquarius has the ability to select which are the most important ideas that are traveling within your mind. But this does not mean that it will stop giving thousands of turns to the head.



Pisces is a person who has great creativity. It may seem that it belongs to another planet, worse the reality is that as Pisces there is no one else. He is an extraordinary being, is sensitive and takes advantage of that to develop his full potential. He has so many ideas that sometimes they don’t have the ability to react to all of them. When Pisces is flooded with thousands of ideas, instead of stopping to think calmly, what he does is try to solve everything as quickly as possible.

Pisces is usually in the clouds dreaming, but these are moments when he is more awake than ever. He is overstimulated and his thoughts act as a kind of drug for him/her. Keeping the mind thinking about a thousand per hour gives you the energy you need to feel that life is worth it. The problem is that this energy sometimes makes Pisces too reckless. The ideas Pisces has can be brilliant, but how much will it cost to carry them out?

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