Top 5 Of The Most “EXAGED” Signs

Exaggeration can be a very useful tool, especially for some signs. It helps to make a story more interesting or fun, the problem comes when you lose all the truth that was in the story. There are signs that tend to exaggerate more than others, but it is that distorting reality can sometimes be very fun and this is what makes them exaggerate, not to appear, sometimes also, but because in this way life It is much more fun. The problem is that many of them end up believing their own exaggeration and forget what actually happened.


If you are a person who is constantly exaggerating, you may not feel totally comfortable being who you are and believe that what you are going to say is not enough to impress others. The funny thing is that the simpler everything is, the more you get people’s attention. Trust who you are and everything will go on wheels.

Here are the 5 most exaggerated zodiac signs:


Everything Sagittarius does is wonderful, but on many occasions, he does not trust what he did, that is, if it was exciting enough. As Sagittarius, always try to beautify all your trips and experiences with his great technique of exaggeration. If Sagittarius saw a beautiful cliff full of corals and crystal clear water, he not only saw it, he got into the water and spent hours diving.

It is possible that more than one does not create the story that Sagittarius is telling, and the reason is not lacking. When this happens, they often question it and Sagittarius will have no choice but to shut up. Sagittarius tends to be quite vague when looking for alternatives. You will not see him breaking his head, all he will do is try to divert the subject to the other side as if it were not the thing with him. Sagittarius will not exaggerate on purpose, what happens to him is that he believes his own stories. This must be accepted because it is part of the personality of Sagittarius.


Leo has many features of a great personality. He has leadership qualities, is a captivating person, is loyal, strong and optimistic. The problem he has is that he knows very well that it is and this sometimes leads him to be quite selfish. Leo thinks he is the navel of the world and does not realize that the world is full of people.

When Leo is booming he becomes too bragged. This sometimes makes Leo not seem like a humble person. But, quite the opposite, it is quite humble. What happens to Leo is that he likes to exaggerate his great qualities, he knows that he is very good at everything he does and exaggerating it makes it even better. Leo should stop exaggerating because everyone knows how amazing it is.

You do not need to prove anything, just be as natural as you can, with that, everyone has won. Under so much bravado what Leo hides is great insecurity, so he feels the need to exaggerate everything that counts, does and thinks.



Aries loves to take risks, loves adventure and wants everyone to know how brave and adventurous he is. That is why Aries knows that if he exaggerates a little about how difficult it has been for him to achieve something or how dangerous it was, he will have the whole world bewitched. Aries takes exaggeration as a game. He loves to know how far he can go without being caught by others, but when he is caught, he has no problem unmasking.

Aries loves to think that he can do things that scare others. Things nobody would dare to experience. This is because Aries loves adventure, but what he likes most is to brag about it later. Aries knows that there is no one braver than him. Therefore, he knows that there is no problem when he exaggerates the truth a bit because no one will be able to know if it was true or not.

Many times your exaggeration will reach such a point that you will not know how to get out of it. Aries is not doing it intentionally, is that he has been entangled and does not know how to get out, so every time he opens his mouth he does not stop exaggerating.


Capricorn often feels that he is being underestimated and is not being taken seriously. That is why Capricorn is faced with the need to exaggerate any achievement they have achieved in order to be admired. Capri knows that he doesn’t need anyone’s approval, but he loves to be congratulated occasionally for his work. It’s hard to surprise Capricorn, but it’s very easy for him to surprise you.

When Capricorn feels that he is being interrogated because his exaggeration is not being a success, he becomes defensive. Capricorn’s body language will reveal that he has not stopped for a second to exaggerate the situation, especially his achievements. Capricorn does not usually have this attitude, but when he does, he does it big. It may seem somewhat arrogant, but Capricorn is very proud of everything he has achieved so he will not stop talking about it, many times, exaggerating it without realizing it.



Taurus loves everything to go on wheels. It does not support surprises or improvisations. Therefore, if you have to exaggerate so that everything follows an order it will do so without any problem. If you try to convince Taurus that he is exaggerating a lot, he will remain very firm in his words. He will do it in such a way that everything he is saying will seem true. If there is something that characterizes Taurus, it is his ability to remain calm, whatever the situation.

Most of the time Taurus uses exaggeration to hide something. He will do everything in his power to divert attention from one subject and if he has to exaggerate about it, he will do so. Taurus is not a person who likes too much exaggeration, but sometimes he is forced to do so. When Taurus exaggerates, it seems like an expert, well it doesn’t seem, it is. Taurus will always exaggerate in a way that takes care of his words so that he does not miss a detail.

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