To the narcissist, who I loved much more than he loved me …

You are so casual and superficially equipped with your charm and your words. You’re a master of deception and have absolutely no feelings of guilt or regret when it comes to exploiting or manipulating people just so you can get what you want and what you need from people like me.

You are a narcissist. You are a sociopath. You are a bad person and have a bad character.

You have the happiness and the joy directly sucked out of me. You have taken all the good and lovable things that belong to me, and now I feel as if I am nothing but an empty vessel.

I will not play the sacrificial card here. I let it go on too long and let you treat me like garbage for months – if I should have ended it the night I threw you out of my apartment.

You insult those you think are weak and insecure. I am neither weak nor insecure. I am strong, confident and learn to love myself; and that’s something you’ll never do.

I did everything for you. I almost destroyed my relationship with my family and friends just to be with you.

You told me that you did not want to have a relationship with me, you kept me at a distance and told me everything I wanted to hear, just so I would not leave you. When I finally realized that I had to work on myself and stopped chasing you, you completely changed and decided that you wanted to have a “relationship” with me.

But you were just pissed …

You were just pissed off because you were not completely in control of me anymore. So you acted as if you really wanted me as if you really wanted to be with me, just so you’re not alone.

You gave me fake, sweet messages with the words, “I love you, I can not live without you, you are my future, I miss the best woman in the world,” blah blah blah blah blah, written.

And here are now, a month later, without any contact, and you already have a new victim … I mean, “a new friend”.

You did not love me, you never loved me. You do not destroy the people you love. You only used me to pet your ego.

I will be able to heal with time. I will improve myself. I’m gonna be happy. I will finally recover from the dark time in which you invaded my life and stole the light from me.

But you will always be a miserable sociopath. You will always be a pathetic and wretched narcissist who can only love himself.

You will never be really happy because all you can do is play the sacrifice so that people feel sorry for you so that you can be the focus of attention for a while longer … you will never be really satisfied with yourself.



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