“The intention behind it was not enough. Not for me. Not any longer. It was not enough to know that he loved me deep inside. You have to tell someone and show him that you care about him. And he just did not do it. Not enough.”

It is not the thought that counts.

You thought it was enough to think about it. You thought it was enough that you loved her deep inside.

You thought the mystery was a good excuse to stop appreciating it – so you left your past, your pride, your demons, your egoism, the fact that you’re weak or fearful, an explanation for why you left off to fight for them and to work for them.

But that’s the woman you have to appreciate.

Give her your time, all your love, take her on a crazy adventure. Take her hand, teach her something new. Kiss her face a million times, take her to a place she always wanted to go, dance her cheek to cheek, spoil her, make her special every day.

This is the woman who changed your life, made you a better man. This is the woman who loves all your mistakes, all the parts of you that you hate. The woman who wipes your tears as you talk about your fate, who kisses your wounds, who loves all your rudeness. The parts of you that you have only shown to her and that she adores – her love warms these parts, your imperfections, she changes you.

This is the woman you need to appreciate because you know in your heart that you will not give anything to anyone else; nobody will love you better. Nobody will sleep with you with so much passion.

A real connection only happens once in a lifetime …

Extraordinary love is rare, it means something. You have to fight for it, make an effort. You think that decisions mean something. You think ease is good. You think the more chances you have, the better. But trust me when I say that it is in your heart. Your roots have devoured, she looks at you as if you were magical. You may think there is something better – but it’s all just an illusion, it’s all nonsense – that’s just your ego talking.

This love is extraordinary, you think you’ll have it easy; calm sea and calm sailing. But the girl you fall in love with is stubborn and clever, she does not always agree with you. She is difficult, she requires effort; It will be a challenge to work – but the uncomplicated girl will never satisfy you. She will be cute, but not inspiring. She will always leave you if you want more.

Going out with it is not the end of your freedom – it’s the beginning of it.

She argues with you because she worries. She yearns more for you – she has opinions and big dreams for the future. It never lets you get away with losing your talents, and no matter how much she loves you, at some point she’ll go if you stop trying.

Because she knows what you have, and she will never bear not getting everything she deserves.

Do not risk it. You lose the best you ever had.

Whatever you do, do not let her getaway. It can be difficult at times – it will drive you crazy, it will frustrate you. But she will never leave you uninspired or unsatisfied. Although she will go if you continue to exploit her.

You think that no matter what you do, she will always be there because she loves you. But remember that you fell in love with the girl who is not easy – they do not just want to “go with the flow”. She knows her value. She is the girl who does not settle for someone who does not put her first.

You have a love that builds you up. That makes your soul alive. Do not let this love fall for the next success. Do not lose this love because of your pride, your fears, your ego or your selfishness. Because someone will appreciate how special she is – someone will make an effort to be with her.

Wake up and realize that it is worth fighting for this special woman. Because if you do not, you are the one who will suffer the most.


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