Are you one of the women who got lost in a narcissistic man?

Love is a strange game. It can recreate you even after the greatest trials life puts you; it can regenerate and revitalize you and inspire you to get better every day.

Sadly, it can also break you, destroy your sense of self and justice. Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people more than often, especially in love.

Have you ever been in love and thought “that’s it now, it has to be now”?

Of course you have. We all have this one love in our life.

But like most good things in the world, it goes away. And let it be said right away that it wasn’t your fault, not at all.

It was because the man you fell in love with was a narcissist, and life after him just wasn’t the same. You no longer understand the concept of love, nor have you ever been whole.

There is no question of being happy.

Yes, you were naive, but recognizing a narcissist is almost impossible, at least in time. Their charm that traps you is part of the whole Faustian pact.

The matter has worn you out, you no longer understand feelings.

To be completely honest, you are now the opposite of what you were before you met him.

You were one of those happy, happy people who also illuminated the lives of others. You were a positive, motivated and above all hopeful person, for yourself and for others.

You were smiling before bedtime thinking about all the people you cheered up during the day and you also woke up with a smile, thinking about the differences you will make in the lives of so many people today.

But now you’re just an empty shell of the person you used to be.

This is simply the effect that narcissists have on others. They feed on the mental well-being of other people and suck quietly and quietly positive energy out of them, only to leave them hollow.

Now it’s even difficult for you to get up and do the simplest tasks – or in short: to get your life under control.

You have allowed the individual in question to cheat you and now you can no longer look yourself in the mirror.

The trust that you have given him is destroyed and now you can no longer trust anyone.

That would be a hundred times worse for you, since romantic bonds and their destruction are things that are difficult to grasp rationally.

In addition, once you feel someone literally means everything to you, it is very, very difficult to come to terms with the breakup – especially after so many promises and memories have been made.

Simply put, it just leaves an emptiness in you.

You don’t feel safe anymore.

You feel as if people and their words and promises have lost all meaning. You feel like you are floating on the high seas and a storm is about to start, and there is no country in sight.

This is because you actually loved him and love is a strange thing.

You were with him, heart, body and soul; the kind of holistic connection that you might otherwise only read about. Every moment you spent with him was like an eternity and a day.

But that was exactly what he wanted: that you give up your cover.

That is what has enabled him to take what he wants and then go.

You loved him unconditionally, saw him as your soul mate and lost yourself in him.

But for a narcissist, love is nothing because he cannot feel these feelings for anyone but himself.

As a result, you can no longer feel good or be proud of yourself no matter what you achieve in life.

It’s not your fault.

Losing yourself to a narcissist is not only common but also very likely.

The effect they have on people who love them is debilitating and degrading.

And you shouldn’t blame yourself for that.

See it like this: Bad things just happen, they’re part of how the universe works. You have to find the strength in yourself and the will to overlook it and enjoy the good – both in yourself and in the people who love you.

It is never too late.

It is never too late and the tunnel will eventually come to an end.

If you let yourself down and don’t overlook it, he would have won and you would have lost.

You have to get up again, brush off all the negativity and self-reproaches and start over.

Above all, you have to believe in love again and you have to love again – but yes, now that you know the type, you will be careful.

He never deserved the effort, but you deserve it.

It is only fair if you use all your strength to build yourself.

Be the person you used to be All the best.


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